Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Twitter is cool but

I now understand the reason why I’ve never really got into Twitter, even though it’s a very cool app. I love the fact that it follows a one-to-many communication model, which is especially useful for people like me who don’t really bother with msn and ‘chatting’ in general.

Twitter, on the other hand: you don’t chat as such, instead you just ‘broadcast’ what you’re doing or anything you pick up on to whoever is interested (follows you). Result: Communication with no obligation to engage! Wow that sounds horrible – without having to then follow the etiquette of conversation (e.g. on msn you can’t just type a couple of things into the chat window – you then interact with that person. Plus you can only ever do it one-on-one, which is very time-consuming).

But herein also lies the problem with Twitter and my use thereof. I don’t know anyone apart from anaj who uses Twitter. None of my friends work in new media/marketing or anything remotely similar, and with some I still communicate via regular email (not even msn/Skype!).

Thus, I need to find some peeps that do use it. I might just randomly search for people and start following them. Then we’ll see what happens. I definitely want to keep using Twitter as I like it for the reasons above; however, there may be  no point due to the fact that I’m writing into empty space with hardly anyone noticing 😛  (sounds like this blog, come to think of it 😉 ).

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