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The Wifebeater’s Argument

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Last night my downstairs neighbour (P.) and her boyfriend AKA the wifebeater had another row. I was in bed and couldn’t sleep as the argument just went on an on (mainly him shouting). I then got up and went into the lounge (which is above their bedroom), hoping that walking around would reign them in and hopefully stop the wifebeater shouting and potentially hurting my neighbour.

As I sat on my sofa, I tried making out what it was the beater was shouting about. It was very difficult but every other word was ‘fucking’ (fucking this, fucking that), and, after nearly each sentence he would say ‘right?’ (this ending sentencens with ‘right’ is a Scottish thing I believe, though not sure. Tends to be used by people who are angry/aggressive and want to get their point across).

I’m pretty sure I overheard the following:

What have you ever done for me? OK you do my washing, but you don’t even have my dinner ready when I get in!!

FFS Wifebeater! She doesn’t just do your washing, you also fuck her whenever you want, and you beat her up when you feel like it. You can shout at her aggressively for half an hour and be mean and cruel, and use her as your emotional punchbag. I bet she gives damn good blow jobs too, and swallows. What else is it you want?

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