Daily Archives: August 3, 2008

Cancelling Ma TV License

I’m going to get rid of my TV license. I just need to find out how to cancel it. As I no longer watch TV (it’s broken) and have no immediate intention to have it replaced/fixed, I reckon I can save myself the cost of a TV license which is £131.50 each year 😐

Mine is due for renewal at the end of August. So I tried finding out how to cancel the TV license. It’s not that easy – on TVL there is no information on how to do it! I.e. will I have to send them a letter, email them, or what? I’ve used the contact form and emailed them with a request to cancel it, giving them the reasons. The good thing is that, legally, you can still watch iPlayer even without a TV license. The only thing you *aren’t* allowed to watch are any programs that are streamed live. The BBC don’t do that yet I don’t think, and in any case I doubt I’d be interested.

So, I’ll keep track of my attempt at this TV license cancellation. I reckon that, similar to my post about how to cancel Sky, this might be useful info for other people out there!

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