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TV license = cancelled

Wow, that was easy! Yesterday I received an email from the nice TV licensing peeps, telling me the following:

Dear Dr lenina,

Thank you for your recent enquiry.

I can confirm that the Direct Debit agreement has now been cancelled and we will not request any more money from the account.

A refund can only be given on the remaining unused quarters of a TV Licence if it is not going to be needed again at any address. Unfortunately, no unused quarters have been paid for so there is no refund due.

I realise my reply will be disappointing, but I hope my explanation is helpful.

Yours sincerely

TV Licensing

That’s unbelievably straight-forward! After the pain of cancelling Sky etc. I had figured it would take a while to get it done. Not so! NB I have now also deleted my direct debit off my online banking, just in case they ‘forget’ to *not* take off the money.

I’ll have to revise my list of things / plans for 2008, I think! I wrote myself a list of goals on the 31/12 of last year, one of which was:

  • buy a 52″ or bigger high-end HD TV

Hehe. I’m going to shelve that now. I’ll be doing quite the opposite. In fact I sketched an outline for a scary short story last night. Let’s see what I can come up with 8 years after my last creative attempts 😛

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