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LMFAO & FTP & Doovdé

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Yesterday there were a couple of incidents at work that confirmed my g33k status there (even though I’m really NOT a geek! But in public sector-land in Scotland, where no one, not even IT, know what Firefox is, I’m the complete l33t g33k).

First, we now send personalised enewsletters. By that I mean they are no longer sent from [name of company], instead, they’re being sent from [nice, harmless first name @ company]. So one fuckwit contacted us the other day, asking if there was a spammer or hacker sending this stuff out, seeing that it comes from [nice, harmless first name @company] instead of [name of company]. In replying to my colleague about it, I slipped in LMFAO. My colleague then comes up to me asking what it means, thereby:

a. not knowing what it means and

b. not just fucking google – ing it!

The other incident concerned the sending of large files. We needed to get some DVDs (which I kept calling Doovdé, in reference to the fonejacker. Again no one gets these in-jokes that I have with myself, but I don’t care 😛 ), so, we needed to get some Doovdés across to our agency. My colleague then said ‘we can send them on FTP if they’re too big’. I’m thinking like, WTF? These are Doovdés and you can’t just ‘send them on FTP’. So I asked him if he knew what FTP was, and he said:

Something on the Internet you can send large files with?

I.e. he wasn’t sure. Anyway, I then tried burning the Doovdés on the one ‘multimedia’ computer at my work, but got a message that you have to involve IT to allow you admin rights just for the process of burning. No wonder fuck all gets done in that place!

So I took the Doovdés home and have burnt them just now. BTW check out the Doovdé clip below. It loses some of its appeal as you already know, having read my post, about Doovdés. It works best when you don’t get it at first and then it reveals itself in all its hilarity 😛

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