New Scottish Thistle Tattoo

I’ve booked myself in to have the below thistle tattoo done on August 19th at 6PM. I’ve changed it from my intial idea (see thistle tattoo post here) so that it fits in better with the rest of them. I’m still going to have it in the same position though. I’ll see what size I can go to by trying on some of my work shirts with the paper copy of hte tattoo stuck to my chest 😛

Anyway, looking forward to it. I’m not going to go for Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (the writing) for the time being. I might have that on my back instead. Not this time though 🙂

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8 thoughts on “New Scottish Thistle Tattoo

    1. have a large lion ramant holding the saltire on my right arm. would like the the gaelic for ‘ Nemo me impune lacessit ” although I like the idea of ” dinna mess wi’ me “…….anyone know the gaelic translation

  1. gealic its (cha togar m’ fhearg gun dioladh) and in old scots its (wha daur meddle wi’ me?)

  2. I love all of them, even the ones you had before that were up in the air… This one is perfect… Im looking for 2 thistles with a celtic love knot to be a memorial for my grandparents. I am going to get the translated “Who daur meddle wi mi” underneath it i think. You have given me some really good ideas. Thank you!
    @ Ronnie Nemo me impune lacessit is gaelic as far as I have read and the translation is above… 🙂

  3. Hi Ronnie, in answer to your question: “Nemo me impune lacessit” means “No one harms me without punishment” Hope that is what you’re looking for

  4. I like this latest choice, it goes well with your other tats. I have two Scot tats myself, my family clan crest above the Rampant Lion. Planning on making a Scottish sleeve, and want to get one next with my Grandma’s name somehow incorperated into a thistle. That’s all she talked about when I was a kid, was the thistles and the heather… Now that I’ve been over twice in the past few years, I see why she loved them so much….

    I’m also trying to incorperate “Alba Gu Brath” and “Alba an Aigh”. Ya have to love Gaelic!! LOL

  5. @lenina – I’m sorry for digging up a really old post, but I just wanted to tell you how much I like your choice. The other ones were good (except for the rose. lol) it’s just this one complements your other work so much better.
    i’m getting “nemo me impune lacessit” on the inside of my upper arm soon, and have been searching for a thistle that isn’t so thick looking (make sense?) because it’s going to be b&w. but I haven’t had much luck.

    @Rachel – “nemo me impune lacessit” is latin

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