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Amnesty International Credit Card

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I applied for an Amnesty International credit card this morning. I support them and I get their monthly mag in the post, and in last one’s they had a page about this credit card.

Now, I don’t need another credit card. I’ve already got 3, of which I only use two (one for food shopping, one for bits and bobs). However:

You can show your support for Amnesty and help us raise even more money by applying for an Amnesty Credit Card. Amnesty will receive £15 when you open an account, £2.50 if you use the card within the first six months and 25p for every £100 you spend.

So I figured it would be something worth doing. NB I’m not a ‘change the world, make it a better place’ -kind of person. I don’t go out of my way to do things for a cause and so forth. I reckon though that it makes sense for the values that I do have (former leftie, feminist, etc.) to try and do things that won’t cause me a hassle but that still *automatically* end up contributing towards something that I believe in, such as human rights 🙂

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