Daily Archives: August 18, 2008

Maximo Park gig tonight (and the start of my hols)

Tonight is the Maximo Park gig – yay! Plus I’ve got the rest of the week off (not today though – today I’m giving a presentation 😐 ). I really want to be out and about while I’m off, and not just stay indoors as that won’t be much of a holiday (with familiar surroundings, no new stimuli, etc.).

It could be something simple like driving my car around, then staying somewhere random for the night. I don’t want to spend loads of money but I do want to get away from Edinburgh. It’s heaving with festival people, and is a bit of a no-go area right now if you want peace and quiet. Though I have discovered a very peaceful and quiet spot in Edinburgh recently. It’s by the sea – not the pretty, sandy beach (Portobello) but a bit further up where it’s ugly and no one would go there to spend a day.

Well I wouldn’t spend a whole day there either – but it’s a nice spot out of the way, and you can sit on a wall and watch the sea for a few hours, with no one bothering you 🙂