Daily Archives: August 21, 2008

I ain’t watching the Olympics BTW

nor Big Brother. I’m out of the loop with what’s currently happening and it’s not bad. From my BBC News feeds, I stay informed roughly as to what’s going on in the world (conflict in Russia/Georgia; Paula Radcliffe didn’t win Marathon, Madrid plane crash, Bigfoot remains discovered, etc.) but it doesn’t really register in any depth.

It’s similar to when I didn’t have a TV back in Cologne, for the best part of 5 years. What happened then (since there weren’t feeds at the time, and I used the Internet differently) was that I didn’t watch TV, but I stayed in touch with the ‘headlines’ as it were by seeing the front page of Cologne’s tabloids which were being sold on the underground stations via a vending machine (see pic at bottom).

That is quite a good state to be. You still get what’s going on, but it only registers on the periphery. You know what people talk about when they do, but it doesn’t pollute your mind (because that’s what TV does. Taking up precious time of your brain that should be spent elsewhere).

The Bigfoot/Yeti thing BTW was disproved, naturally. It wasn’t a yeti but a monkey suit. Of course my mate J. was fully convinced it was true, since his ‘bible’ (The Sun) had told him so.