Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

First Day Back At Work – Yay!

I was happy to be back at work today. I very much enjoyed the week off, but I do get a buzz from work for some reason (Great team! Great job! People appreciate me!). It’s great loving your job, because it means no matter what other shit does or doesn’t happen in your life, you can put up with it.

I remember when I moved back to London in 2000 and I literally had nothing to my name (other than one degree, a BA). I stayed at my friend K. for a few months and, while there were many moments that I enjoyed, there was always an underlying existential fear of what to do with my life/where would I end up, and a general state of feeling uncertain and insecure (I had also left my friends behind in Cologne and basically moved to London where I knew only one person!).

I think I kept a diary at the time, albeit sporadically. Maybe not. If not, I definitely wrote some stories then, so going back to those would help me cast back my mind. Not that I want to:P

Anyhow, it’s so good to enjoy work – seeing that you spend the majority of your time there. I couldn’t imagine right now working anywhere else – though for those of you who are interested and speak German – I did come across a position at the Deutsches Generalkonsulat in Edinburgh today. Not tempted though 😛