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Watching Nekromantik Tonight

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Tonight I’ll be watching Joerg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik, which I first saw about 12 years ago. I really liked it at the time – there again, at the time I was fucked up 😛

Basically it’s a film about necrophilia, with some graphic scenes e.g. shagging a corpse. Back then, I went to a screening of Schramm (also by Buttgereit) , and Buttgereit himself was there for a Q&A (if I remember correctly, this was in the SCHULZ near Chlodwigplatz, but I may be wrong). There was an exhibition too with some of the props from the films, and I took a picture of my mate D. sitting next to a severed leg.

I wonder how the film has aged – or how I have aged. I guess from my response and like/dislike of the film I’ll be able to learn something about myself.

I think I’ll still like it 😛

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