Volunteering in Scotland

Inverewe Garden Walls

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I’ve been thinking about what useful, enjoying, relaxing things to do in my spare time i.e. the week-ends. One thing that’s always interested me is volunteering. Not in a social way – I don’t want to meet new people (hehehe)! But more to get outdoors, or to do something with/for animals.

I’ve found the following resources and potential options:

1. Volunteer Centre Network Scotland

This is a site listing (searchable) opportunities of volunteer work all over Scotland. I’m particularly interested in becoming a sheperd in Fife! Anything with animals really. I also wouldn’t mind driving, e.g. driving people’s pets to vets that can’t do it for themselves etc.

2. National Trust for Scotland

They do a lot of outdoors conservation work, in 4 areas, one of which is my area (Lothians).

3. Scottish Wildlife Trust

Local opportunities, as well as week-long work e.g. on Orkney. Assisting rangers, monitoring of e.g. seabird population, etc.

While I don’t want to spend my entire week-ends or spare time volunteering, and have no altruistic bone in my body, I like the idea of being able to get stuck in to some practical, useful task, and focusing on a new challenge that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer! Just doing something that contrasts with and complements my Monday-Friday. The fact that it’s ‘for a good cause’ really isn’t my main motivation though šŸ˜›

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