Holiday Plans 2009

Cologne - Germany 2006
Image by Junnn via Flickr

January is the time for holiday planning apparently. I’m planning to go across to Germany in the car (haven’t been there in a few years) and on the way stop over in Amsterdam (1 night) and Cologne (1 night). Amsterdam just because it  makes sense (the ferry goes from Newcastle to there, and it’s a pretty city 😉 ), and in Cologne I’ll be meeting up with a few friends hopefully while staying overnight at one of my oldest mates.

I’ll also be taking B. with me, so he’s going to ‘meet the parents’ for the first time. He’s never been to Germany either, so it’s going to be an interesting one for him. I’m quite looking forward to it. I don’t even mind the driving. With the ferry etc. involved it’s going to be a wee adventure 🙂

Once the Italy house has been sold (this year hopefully), I’m also aiming to visit Vienna and Berlin for a holiday, as well as, New Zealand (where B. has a really good friend, and where an ex BF of mine is doing a PhD). Also maybe Budapest/Hungary, as that’s where my very good friend A. is from.

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