Should I get my own website?

Over the last few months, I’ve been building up my profile a fair bit (in RL that is), speaking at conferences, helping running workshops, training people and so on. While I’m currently employed (in a safe job) and there is no immediate need therefore to ‘sell myself’, I have been wondering whether now is the time to create a ‘proper’ website with all the stuff I’m good at / have done career wise and that also aggregates some of my social profiles (not this blog naturally, as it’s my safe haven and therefore anonymous! Hopefully you won’t know who I am 😛 ).

Internets = Parody motivator.
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Let’s look at the PROS and CONS:


  • ‘personal branding’ – (wank term, hate it). finally everything about me in one place
  • medium-long term marketing of my services (if I ever go down the self-employed route, a website with a history will look better)
  • improve tech knowledge – would be great to run wordpress on my own server for a change
  • digital marketing – I know all about this as that’s the area I work in, so could set it all up with Google Analytics etc. and use myself as the ‘project’. I.e. it would be a good showcase.


  • can’t really be fucked. takes time and effort (I’m working on average 65 hours / week already)
  • I’d rather play games or read in my spare time
  • once it’s up, it’ll need updating. to be taken seriously and for SEO, I probably need to start blogging on there
  • I wouldn’t know what domain to get (I did have one in mind but that’s already taken)
  • I don’t actually need it right now – I’ve got an effective Linkedin profile that already does some of what my own website would do (tie in social accounts and so on)
  • I REALLY can’t be fucked