All the things I don’t write about (because the internet is shit these days)

The internet is shit these days. A cesspit of ads, social media trolling on Twitter,  Instagram harassment, mass-manipulation and hollowing out of our democracy.

I’ve long stopped using it to socialise or have fun, find like-minded people, or anything like that. 20 years ago I met a young guy called Hank on IRC, he was Dutch, I didn’t know anything  about him or ever saw a photo, all I knew was we were into the same music, and chatting to him made my heart quicken. I didn’t want to meet him in real life – the internet was an escape from real life, it was anonymous and free. It was wonderful.

IRC chat
CC image courtesy of schid7864 on Deviant Art

Today the internet is shit, and dead to me. I don’t use it that much, other than for functional stuff like banking, booking flights, and so on. It’s quite cool in a way because most of the nonsense that comes with it these days (such as the aforementioned harassment, trolling, being manipulated, developing mental health problems etc.) passes me by, and I’m able to just choose its useful parts, which perhaps isn’t as easy for people who grew up with it and know no different.

The one downside is that I’m no longer able to connect, reach out, and find like-minded people online, to exchange ideas about things I truly care about or have an opinion on (believe me, I have MANY opinions!). I used to love healthy, democratic debate – yes, largely anonymously, but mostly honest and respectful. I still to this day love anonymous text and discussion such as on reddit, although I stopped participating a long, long time ago (two of my favourite subs are Foreveralone and Deadbedrooms.).

The things I don’t write about (because the internet is shit):

In no particular order, here are some of the topics that you will never see me talk about, or share an opinion on:

  • What I think about safe spaces
  • What I think about LGBTQQIA (or LGBTQQIA+)
  • What I think about inclusivity
  • What I think about feelings and offending feelings
  • What I think about incels / the black pill / red pillers / PUAs
  • What I think about the Tories
  • What I think about the rich and privileged
  • What I think about Brexit voters
  • What I think about the alt-right
  • What I think about social media
  • What I think about surveillance capitalism
  • What I think about porn
  • What I think about drugs
  • What I think about Ed Sheeran

Yes, Ed Sheeran. I don’t even want to talk about  Ed fucking Sheeran. That’s how bad it is.

Ed Sheeran