On the road to Brexit

I’ve been wondering whether I should write a Brexit-diary. The idea is to document the last 3 months of the UK still being part of the European Union – so, from 1 Jan 2019 till 29 March 2019, 11:00 pm GMT (with a nice countdown at the end hehehe ). I wouldn’t be commenting on the news / political developments (= horrific), but more from an everyday individual’s point of view (for example, I’ll soon be planning and then putting together a survival box, as in the event of a hard Brexit there will be food shortages etc.).

Depending on how things pan out, it could turn into some kind of dystopian Memories of a Survivor / A Woman in Berlin type thing, or something like Samuel Pepys Diaries (Great Fire of London etc.). I could document how the chaos (in this case, brought about by a maliciously  incompetent Government) impacted an individual who lived in that environment at the time. Or I could just celebrate all the contributions that Europe has made to the world and to Britain (thank you Romans! I love you).

We’ll see. I have currently switched off from the news (as Xmas time is upon us) so it may be good to leave that headspace clean and clear. Reading the news is correlated with negative health outcomes, and I’m not getting any younger 😀