Brexit food stockpile

My Brexit food stockpile is taking shape. Last week, I received a delivery of food cans and other items (roughly from my list of no deal Brexit food supplies).

I love having a cupboard full of stuff that will keep me alive for a while.

Brexit food stockpile

Should I stockpile food for Brexit?

I was surprised this week to speak to quite a few people who looked at me like an alien when I talked about my emergency food supplies for Brexit. Thankfully the issue now has started to be covered in the news a little bit more, what with (as a little bird tells me) the UK Government completely descending into chaos and the likelihood of a hard Brexit increasing by the day (I say, BRING IT ON, as I’ve had enough of the incompetent fool that is Theresa May. Let it all descend into chaos and her and the Tory scum be forever tainted).

And YES, you should start buying tinned food and so on in great quantities, if you can afford it. The chances of food shortages in the case of a hard Brexit are high, if last year’s Beast from the East wintry storm is anything to go by (I couldn’t get any milk or bread, and I live in a city). It’s a crisis of the Tory’s own making, and poor people will be hit exceptionally hard (nothing new there – Tories hate the poor).

Here’s my own list of what food to stockpile for Brexit which will hopefully serve as a good starting point.

Brexit food memes to lighten the load

Below is a collection of somewhat amusing Brexit food memes that will make the entire sad story slightly more bearable…

1) Brexit cereal

Brexit cereal

2) Brexit stockpiling food book

stockpiling food for brexit book

3) Bread after Brexit

brexit food