Daily Archives: January 8, 2021

Trump’s coup to stay in the White House – My first 2021 News (by accident)

Today, I talked to someone about how my year without news was going. I said something like,

“It’s not as if I would miss anything important. I’m sure that, if there was a war or something, I’d find out some way or another.”

And the other person said: “Well… you’ve not looked at the news at all, then?”

white house

Me: “No, not at all. My mum said something around Christmas that Boris had finally caved in (re. Brexit), but other than that I’ve no idea.”

donald trump criminalIt turns out there’s been some sort of coup in the USA, where Trump supporters stormed the White House and 4 people died! I asked a few questions about the story as if the Internet didn’t exist and the person was my only source of information, like in the olden days (imagine the early 1990s for example, if you’re old enough!). I didn’t google it (and haven’t since), so that piece is the only information I know. Oh, and apparently it was 2 days ago and there has also been some issue with Twitter where Trump had to delete some Tweets (?).

I think I’m going to do a post throughout 2021 where, whenever I hear or otherwise encounter a news item despite my active avoidance, I’ll post here what it is.

I could also add the source i.e. where I got it from. I won’t further investigate or research it – no googling! That means I’ll probably have to limit my use of Google too, as it often  displays fresh content / news stories.

I mean, is it even possible to completely escape the news, when you’re a professional currently working remotely from home?