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People with dicks can now legally share my (female) prison cell (WTF!)

Not looking at the news means that, whenever I do find out something by chance, I totally don’t get WTF is going on as it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I found out this morning that people with dicks (PWD) can now legally be housed in a closed, confined space with women. At least in England and Wales.

emancipation-155792_1280It’s kinda weird / doesn’t make sense because dicks are an ‘out of the box’ rape weapon that some people come equipped with at birth, and so PWD carry that weapon around with them. In Scotland, a PWD can in theory rape a woman, then claim to BE a woman, so that in the crime statistics police record it as a F2F rape. WTF! I mean seriously – it wasn’t a F who raped me vaginally, anally and orally. It was a PWD.

It’s one thing to be whoever you want to be (gender), but quite another to erase the distinct F category of SEX (= not the same as gender) from law, and from statistics. It’s kinda anti-science and anti-biology. It’s also scary to see yourself (F) slowly being erased, and PWD demanding that they, with their built-in guns, have the legal right to share my (no gun) space. Or compete in F Olympics despite their biological, scientifically proven, physical advantages.

To help with the confusion around SEX (not gender), I propose that, rather than delete and erase F and F rights (= what seems to be happening), to create a third category, called ‘D’, in the law, for legal, statistical, operational, administrative etc. purposes. That could stand for ‘Diverse’ and encapsulate people who for whatever reason feel oppressed by being M or F biologically (SEX, not gender). Germany does that already (job ads are open to M/F/D).

This solution would also mean that D people can get rights and SEX-category-based equality, without erasing F and all that F have fought for. 

The more I think about it, the current assault on F almost looks like the ultimate, final victory of patriarchy:

Deleting and erasing F as a distinct legal category, with her SEX-based legal rights and protections, for good.