Daily Archives: December 11, 2021

The end of Boris Johnson / Omnicron

Just a quick news update. I had a chat today with someone and apparently it looks like the end of Boris Johnson is finally in sight. I don’t have all the details but there are some scandals, e.g. the Tories having a Christmas party last year when no one else was allowed to see their loved ones (this has alienated their working class and populist fanbase). And then various other self-enrichment scandals (PPE contracts) and some other corruption to do with Boris’ flat just now. They also discovered cocaine in lots of the toilets in Westminster recently. Boris also made a fool of himself at a business event a few weeks ago when he quoted Peppa the Pig (but then what do you expect from Boris “Fuck Business” Johnson).

All of this is generating extreme cut through and coverage in the media for weeks on end (including right-wing media such as Daily Mail etc.). Lots of content and negative stories created about the Tories including on social media and online – good luck burying that with your digital PR and SERP manipulation!

A complete disaster for the Tory brand as they have now alienated all their fan bases (business hates them, the just about managing / declining middle class), the working class and populists are beginning to lose trust, and young people hate them anyway. That leaves just hardcore Tory voters. You know who they are.

Unfortunately, this won’t get rid of the Tories themselves as they’ll just use Boris as the fall guy to be replaced by Rishi (Rishki?), who is a billionaire 😐 .

The second piece of news I got exposed to in the last week or so was regarding a new variant of COVID-19. I think it’s spelled Omnicron but I’m not sure. I shouldn’t google it (as I try to live without news!) but I might have to. One sec.

OMG! It’s actually OMICRON! There is in fact a reason why I thought it was Omnicron, but I can’t tell you what it is. Below is the omnicron search result.