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Scottish Census gender ‘BELIEVERINBIOLOGY’ religion

In The Constitution of Knowledge (2021), Jonathan Rauch argues we need to defend the truth, even as it is currently under attack from all sides. A reality-based community where diversity and dialogue can flourish is worth fighting for, he argues, and he thinks we should unmute ourselves.

A protest group is using the Scottish Census 2022 to protest the Scottish Government’s current attempt to allow men from the age of 16 to legally become women after living as one for just 3 months (without considering the impact on women and girls’ spaces and sex-based rights). They have asked that people in Scotland who support rights for women use the voluntary religion question (question 21) to write: BELIEVERINBIOLOGY.

scottish census gender question believer in biology

Census and Feminist Protest

Apparently, the original first wave feminists (suffragettes) used the census in 1911 in a similar act of protest. They protested at not having the vote by refusing to be counted (it’s a legal requirement to fill int the census, as governments need it to plan for the future!). Written protest example from the 1911 census:

No persons here only women!

census suffragettes protest 1911

Census records are kept for 100 years, which means that future historians will be able to look back at the early 21st century and see a share of religion of ‘BELIEVERINBIOLOGY’ reflected in the stats!