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Authoritarian simulator game – Not for Broadcast

As I exit 2022 tomorrow I thought I leave on a high note. As part of my Xmas gaming, I bought Not For Broadcast in the Steam sales, which describes itself as a full motion propaganda simulator. You play a TV controller and it starts on election night, when Advance — a far-left political party — gives a victory speech after an unexpected win. As the story progresses, Advance become much more sinister and introduce a number of radical acts, becoming more authoritarian with each broadcast.

It’s very dark and well written, satirising some of today’s slogans and mocking the totalitarian left (a bit like season 3 of The Boys, BLM BLT anyone?). So from 2023, I’ll switch from moaning about rising totalitarianism in the West in the real world to just playing a totalitarian propaganda sim instead!

Not for Broadcast review

The end of Shared Reality

Today (22/12/22) shared reality has ended as it will become law in Scotland that women can include both males (example in video) and females. So if a woman gets raped by a male she could have to end up addressing him as ‘her’ when facing him in court, and the rape crime would be recorded as a crime by a woman. That is not a reality I identify with.

This bill has no majority support in Scotland but Nicola Sturgeon has said it doesn’t matter as her ambition is to make the world a better place. She wants to create a socially just world by giving a tiny minority rights over and domination of half of the population. I guess she’s never been raped or abused by a man otherwise she wouldn’t have done this.

Everyone can be an adult human female now, literally become a woman, no questions asked, after 3 months, so you’ll be able to listen to people like Robyn telling you about her womanhood and her female lived experience. We are all sisters now.


Now that I’m coming to the end of my year of investigating totalitarianism, the result is pretty much that YES, there is some weird illiberal neo-puritanism going on, which must be the result of Covid, which seems to have led to a mass psychosis and delusion in the West, resulting in the loss of reality. Society certainly seems to be disintegrating quite rapidly and becoming more tribal. This law here is the nail in the coffin for shared reality and democracy, as it is ideology-led and not based on majority opinion. I can accept the law, but it’s not progress (quite the opposite), and not my general direction of travel. I don’t identify with it, it’s not my kind of thing. I’m opting out.

So I reckon the Metaverse, ChatGPT, and other tools are arriving just in time, and next year (2023) I think I’ll turn my attention to opting in or, creating my own reality (as the shared institution-based democratic one is gone now).

RIP, shared reality. It was good while it lasted.

The post-Christian era has arrived (or: Back to the Dark Ages)

Christianity is now a minority religion in England and we are heading back to the dark ages, or more accurately: the post-truth age. In Scotland sex no longer exists as a distinct category defined in law and women no longer have sex-based rights. This based on postmodern theory that considers sex an artificial construct, where bodies don’t matter as they only exist in language.

While reality is denied and objectivity is replaced by subjectivity of lived experience of different activist groups amplified by social media, society is becoming both more atomised and tribalised. Public spaces are becoming less safe. People are getting ruder. With a Nietzschean type of hyper-individualism where feelings and identity rules supreme on the one hand, and intolerant groupthink on the other, there is less overlap and dialogue both between individuals and different interest groups. We live in a highly polarised world. People identify into tribes with people who are like them and don’t mix with or talk to anyone else.

Add to that late stage capitalism where activist passions are exploited and social justice is big business (trans industry, DEI industry) helping millions of lonely, desperate humans feel good about themselves in an apocalyptic world. This is what the post-Christian era looks like – women with Turkey Teeth, girls with top surgery, transwomen, incels, demisexuals, and blackpillers.

What will replace Christianity? Either hyper-nationalism, or woke progressivism. Both these movements are feelings based and tap emotions, much like Christianity. Woke progressivism (sometimes called illiberal progressivism, or new puritanism) is quite strong in its belief in its own purity, so much so that it makes it more dangerous, fervent and totalitarian. It’s like choosing between Nazi Germany (right-wing totalitarianism) or East Germany under the Stasi (left-wing totalitarianism). The Devil or Satan.

Back to the Dark Ages!

New Model Army – Purity

(I was at this concert in 1996)

The rains move in eastwards, in waves of succession
Drawing lines of grey across the sky
With history just as close as a hand on the shoulder
In hunger and impatience we cry
The battle against corruption rages in each corner
There must be something better, something pure
And the call it is answered from the caves to the cities
Come the dealers of Salvation on Earth
We’ve seen the restless children at the head of the columns
Come to purify the future with the arrogance of youth
Nothing is as cruel as the righteousness of innocents
With automatic weapons and a gospel of the truth

Ch: Revolution for ever, succession of the seasons
Within the blood of Nature, all raised to rot and die
This purity is a lie
Now immaculate conception in sterilised laboratories
How the vanity goes on
Or in the message of the preacher with his morals and obsessions
The wars that we wage upon ourselves
Purity is a virtue, purity is an angel
Purity is for madmen to make fools of us all
So forgive yourself my friend, all this will soon be over
What happened here tonight is nothing at all

Ch: Revolution for ever . . .
I will always see Brendan at that broken down piano
His fingers thick and red, shaking on the keys
Battered by the years of alcohol and working
Still playing with the faith that never leaves
So sit us down, buy us a drink, tell us a good story
Sing us a song we know to be true
I don’t give a damn that I never will be worthy
Fear is the only enemy that I still know