Authoritarian simulator game – Not for Broadcast

As I exit 2022 tomorrow I thought I leave on a high note. As part of my Xmas gaming, I bought Not For Broadcast in the Steam sales, which describes itself as a full motion propaganda simulator. You play a TV controller and it starts on election night, when Advance — a far-left political party — gives a victory speech after an unexpected win. As the story progresses, Advance become much more sinister and introduce a number of radical acts, becoming more authoritarian with each broadcast.

It’s very dark and well written, satirising some of today’s slogans and mocking the totalitarian left (a bit like season 3 of The Boys, BLM BLT anyone?). So from 2023, I’ll switch from moaning about rising totalitarianism in the West in the real world to just playing a totalitarian propaganda sim instead!

Not for Broadcast review