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EA80 – die offizielle Homepage

Die offizielle Homepage von EA80, der legendären Punkband aus Mönchengladbach, ist dies nicht.

Da diese Website zwar existiert, aber überhaupt nicht für Google optimiert ist, absichtlich natürlich, aber dennoch cool ist, weil EA80 aus Mönchengladbach eine super Band ist, habe ich diesen Blog über die offizielle Homepage gemacht.

Sorry English readers, I’m doing a wee SEO experiement!

The official Homepage of EA80, a punk band, is here and I love it!

PS: Zemanta can’t find any recommendations for this topic …

PPS: isn’t it funny how there aren’t any actual music videos of good bands? For the old German punk bands, most users upload album covers and then album tracks as music.

The greatest songs of all time

The greatest songs of all time has 550,000 global monthly searches, according to Google. I wondered what kind of results Google would produce. Seeing most of it will be bland shit (such as Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven), I’ve decided to share an obscure song by a Norwegian hardcore band that made me study Norwegian. To this day I can still more or less understand its lyrics (it’s about religion I think).

The song will never appear on any top 10 list.

I’ve also recently discovered a Polish punk band which I’ll write about some other time.


skal forsikre meg at du tar del
i en forkastelig elendighet
skal stå på min prekestol
å fortelle om når du blir stor
skal alt bli mye bedre
hvis du bare tror

skal forsikre meg en liten del
i en liten søt elendighet
for jeg har styrka min selvtillit
og jeg har styrka min tro
og i mine fotspor skal fascismen
skal fascismen få gro

for det finnes så latterlig mange
og jeg skal lure dem alle
for jeg veit at de er svake
og jeg skal lære dem å hate
hate de som selv forstår
hate de som sverter troen vår

One week off is not enough

Today is the last day of my ‘week off’ from work, and it hasn’t been enough (at all! at fucking all!) to do everything that I had planned to do:

  1. lying on the bed reading
  2. writing the short story
  3. decorating my writer’s room

The above three items were only the ‘core activities’ I wanted to do, alongside other more holiday-type enjoyable ones such as:

  1. going to see Tilda Swinton featured in the ‘Famous Scots’ exhibition currently on at ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh
  2. walking into town checking out charity shops (especially in ‘posher areas’ e.g. Morningside)
  3. COOKING a few warm meals (during the working week, I tend to eat only sandwiches as I have no time or energy to cook)
  4. just being idle with no need to do anything at all

From the ‘core activities’, I’ve managed to do a smidgeon of (1) – not more than usual to be honest; only one morning spent on (2); and painting 2x chairs and 1x door of (3) – the rest of decorating will be done once I finish this.

From the ‘added activities’, I’ve only managed to do (3) ONCE (last night), and as for (2), on the first day (Monday) I went to all the charity shops in Leith, but that’s it.

I’m clearly one of the people who would not run out of things to do if they were without a regular 9-5 job. It would take at least 6 months to tackle the backlog of projects that have accumulated over the years (I’m still to create a couple of music videos from rehearsal room footage of my old band from about 8 years or so ago!). In fact, yesterday I had another idea for a project which I should write down into my scrap book, lest I forget.

And for those who know Deutschpunk, here are some lyrics of a song that I’ve been enjoying while decorating. It’s good to know that listening to this kind of stuff when I was younger has had a greater influence on me than I probably realised at the time 😛

Wenn ich nach Hause komme, sitzt da ein alter Typ
Er sagt, er wär’ mein Vater, und ich glaub’ auch, daß er’s ist
Wir sehen uns nur manchmal, und dann reden wir nicht viel
Doch wenn wir reden, sagt er: “Junge, aus dir wird mal nicht viel
Alles, was du anfängst, hörst du gleich wieder auf
Du kannst doch nie ‘ne Familie ernähren, und du kriegst auch keine Frau
Du mußt arbeiten, du mußt schuften so wie ich”
Aber ich will nicht werden, was mein Alter ist, nee
Ich will nicht werden, was mein Alter ist
Ich möchte aufhör’n und pfeifen auf das Geld
Ich weiß, wenn das so weitergeht, bin ich fertig mit der Welt
Arbeit macht das Leben süß, so süß wie Maschinenöl
Ich mach den ganzen Tag nur Sachen, die ich gar nicht machen will
Ich möchte gern mal meinem Chef die Möbel geradezieh’n
Doch ich krieg die Faust nicht aus der Tasche, ich weiß nicht mehr, was ich will
Ich möchte am liebsten abhau’n, wenn’s zuhause wieder kracht
Ich warte jeden Montagmorgen schon auf Freitagnacht
Aber ich will nicht werden, was mein Alter ist, nee
Ich will nicht werden, was mein Alter ist
Ich möchte aufhör’n und pfeifen auf das Geld
Ich weiß, wenn das so weitergeht, bin ich fertig mit der Welt

Regina Spektor vs The Streets

I have been trying to decide what video to post tonight. While I was in Italy, I constantly listened to the new The Streets – album Everything is Borrowed and really liked it (I still do). It’s a bit more ‘mature’ than the other two that I have (Original Pirate Material and A Grand Don’t Come For Free – I never got the third one as it was meant to be shite).

Now that I’m back in Edinburgh however I’ve been listening to Regina Spektor‘s Soviet Kitsch. I’ve already got her 11:11 and got back into her, ever since going back to Amanda Palmer and the whole ‘woman playing the piano and singing’ business, which in itself was triggered by the new BF (don’t ask 😛 ).

Anyhow, I shall post Regina Spektor’s Us. Couldn’t decide on which The Streets – vid to post (though I nearly posted ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’ as Mike Skinner looks verrrry sexy in that vid! That’s how I like my men – skinny, pretty, and boyish 😛 ).

So here is Ms Spektor:

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Holiday has Begun!

Singer/pianist Amanda Pa...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Today was officially my last day at work. Actually, I’ll have to do some bits and pieces tomorrow from home (hmpf), but then I’m getting a hair cut and starting to prepare for da journey. I’m going to an Amanda Palmer gig tomorrow night (at the Cabaret Voltaire) and then taking the sleeper train to London! Full activity plan there for lenina.

It might as well – I have big plans and am looking forward to being free from pollution (humans and otherwise) and to just spending time with ma brain 🙂

I shall write this blog as usual. Of particular interest will be the weather conditions – I’m very fearful of the cold evenings/night 😐

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