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Changing Online Presence

Over the next few days, I’ll be scaling down my online output. I’m going to put the blog on hold and, once I’ve done that, will in the coming weeks/months be updating my ‘main’ website (the one hosting my PhD) to be a static, search engine optimised, half decent representation of my online identity (all in one place. Most other stuff will be gotten rid of).

I own my main website’s domain name, but all the files are hosted on webspace the ex owns – not ideal! So either way I’ll need to host it myself. It’ll just be a process to get back to a manageable online presence that I’m comfortable with. I may even keep my twitter and integrate it, and e.g. use the wordpress platform to publish my personal website and PhD (but not as a blog, i.e. not updated).

We’ll see. It’s good to keep moving with these kinds of things, and it’s not as if I completely want to erase everything. I just want to get back to a decent static representation of myself, with no additional effort required! And forget all the stuff about personal branding and the importance of online visibility – I see myself staying in my current job for years and years to come (it’s public sector so I don’t exactly need to be worried about losing my job…).

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916.86 Words Per Day

I’m currently writing a report for a consultancy project as part of my new job, and it’s really good for a variety of reasons.

Best of all, though, I seem to be able to produce a lot of high-quality writing each day. I’ve done over 6000 words so far, and that’s in 7 days. It’s ridiculous if you think that 10000 words or so would be enough for an MA thesis (over here in the UK, that is). I.e. I could write a thesis in just under 2 weeks! The stuff I’m writing about involves a lot of research and is about web 2.0, and it’s at times quite theoretical. I’m really quite enjoying it though, but I am surprised at my rate and ability to produce good stuff quickly.

I enjoy using my brain so much – this is something that wasn’t really required in my previous job (though over-required in my PhD of course). I feel even more positive now about my idea of retiring at 40 and starting to write fiction then. If I can write anything between 500 and 1000 words a day, it should be easy.

Writing used to be a bit of a fight sometimes, and hard work. Lately, it just seems to come out very quickly and productively so!

I think it’s just the bl00dy PhD that was killing my joy of writing.

Website Updated & other Digital Housekeeping

I’ve just (finally!!) updated my website.

Yes, I do have a website (enter my real name into Google and you’ll find it).

In particular, I’ve actually uploaded my thesis to my site – so if you want to have a look at it, feel free!

It was great fun. I enjoy doing stuff on the computer for myself – i.e. stuff that *isn’t* related to wrk. Only that usually there is little time for it, and keeping this blog up-to-date is a chore in itself 😛

The great thing about a web 1.0 ‘website’ (and yes, it is web 1.0) is that it’s static. Once it’s done, it’s done (at least for a while…). So, you won’t be able to comment or do anything with it really. Still, it was fun to use Dreamweaver again (the first time in a year) and to fiddle around with the code. I also added the code for Google Analytics to the site (all pages), so I can find out a little more about my traffic and in fact try out Google Analytics.

I used to want to be a web designer about 10 years ago, and we all created our little websites using (in my case) Homesite, all hand-coding. Obviously I no longer do this, but it’s great to be able to work in code mode (it’s the same with WordPress actually).

I’m even thinking of creating a wikipedia-entry about my thesis topic. Seeing that I haven’t done a Wikipedia-page before, this will be a useful thing to do.

I’ll also add a few people to my bogroll here. People whose blog I read occasionally and where it’s just easier to put it into my bogroll. I can’t put everyone into my feeds, I don’t even use Google reader (I’m too fucking busy).

/me thinks she should try out FeedBurner.

Last Post from my University Office

Today for the last time, I’m blogging from the office at my Uni. I came here earlier after picking up my hardbound thesis from the bookbinder’s (yum, it looked very phat and stylish). I handed in my thesis to registry, so they can pass it on to our library, then signed some kind of release form so that the British Library has access to it, and finally, ended up in my office.

Once here, I started the long process of printing out another copy of my thesis – all its 326 pages – so I can get a hardcover version bound for myself. Thus, I sat here for ages, trying to do some other stuff at the same time. Nearly ready to go home now. I was going to get another print-out tomorrow but might not have the time. The extra copy would be for my mum, so she can see in black and white my achievement!

Anyway, brain a bit fried right now, so I’m offski 🙂

When do I have to start paying Council Tax?

I’ve been a bit confused as to the exact date from when I’ll have to start paying council tax 👿 . My graduation was on Friday, but my student card doesn’t expire until 8th of September, which I suppose is when the new term starts.

So, I can either:

  • go and tell the council that I graduated last Friday or
  • don’t tell the council anything until the official expiration date on my student card

hm…I think I’ve just found the answer via Google. Apparently, students are

expected to pay council tax from the date of their graduation ceremony.

Bummer! My free ride is over!

/me goes to write a letter to the council