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Deleting Facebook Profile

I think I’m going to delete my Facebook profile. In recent months, I haven’t been logging in much at all – and to be honest, I’ve never used it much in the first place.

I’m a bit of an antisocial person and that includes online and lately I’ve been getting too many people bothering me (hehehe… it’s not that many, but too many for me!!). For instance, come Xmas, you get virtual Xmas cards on Facebook (fuck off ppl!). Then I get invites to join various shitty support groups such as ‘I lost someone I love to cancer’ etc. and to be honest


The only ‘social network’ I’ll be staying on is wer-kennt-wen, as it’s non-demanding. Also I’ve linked my yahoo account to it which I never check, so I can pretty much ignore it most of the time 😉

For professional reasons, I shall stay with linkedin and with Xing. But that’s about it. And I quite like my twitter so I don’t mind keeping that up. But twitter (non-anonymous) and this blog (anonymous) is about as much as I’ll want to communicate online.

The deletion shall happen some time during my Xmas break. I shall disappear into thin ether 🙂

*no offence. It just isn’t me. Not your fault, pal.

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Hello Google Reader, hello BeTwittered

I’ve started using Google Reader again. I can’t do without my feeds at work (at least to quickly check what’s going on in the world!).

At work, I have no (admin) rights. I can’t do what I want, and I can’t download ANYTHING (not even a wee tool). Thus I’ve decided I need to use more web-based stuff. I’ve whacked Google reader back onto my iGoogle and will try to read my feeds via that, rather than Firefox. I use 3 different computers and it’s annoying to not have it all in one place. I’ve also added BeTwittered to my iGoogle 😀

I’ll be very tempted to twitter about work while at work (e.g. moaning)! Though of course I won’t 😛

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Twitter is cool but

I now understand the reason why I’ve never really got into Twitter, even though it’s a very cool app. I love the fact that it follows a one-to-many communication model, which is especially useful for people like me who don’t really bother with msn and ‘chatting’ in general.

Twitter, on the other hand: you don’t chat as such, instead you just ‘broadcast’ what you’re doing or anything you pick up on to whoever is interested (follows you). Result: Communication with no obligation to engage! Wow that sounds horrible – without having to then follow the etiquette of conversation (e.g. on msn you can’t just type a couple of things into the chat window – you then interact with that person. Plus you can only ever do it one-on-one, which is very time-consuming).

But herein also lies the problem with Twitter and my use thereof. I don’t know anyone apart from anaj who uses Twitter. None of my friends work in new media/marketing or anything remotely similar, and with some I still communicate via regular email (not even msn/Skype!).

Thus, I need to find some peeps that do use it. I might just randomly search for people and start following them. Then we’ll see what happens. I definitely want to keep using Twitter as I like it for the reasons above; however, there may be  no point due to the fact that I’m writing into empty space with hardly anyone noticing 😛  (sounds like this blog, come to think of it 😉 ).

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