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Attack of the Common People

Last night, I was quite aggressively attacked by a common person. I don’t mind common people – I have some common friends and my family is not exactly posh or middle class.

Yesterday, the common person was a drunk, Irish woman. She was probably in her late 20s/ early 30s, extremely pished and extremely desperate for attention, especially from men. I don’t like attention seekers at all, particularly, if the discourse and behaviour engaged in to gain attention is REALLY FUCKING DULL. This pisshead shouted ‘Hackney is a shanty town’ for roughly 15 minutes, while falling over, sitting on men’s laps, and shouting ‘shut up’ (or ‘shut your fucking mouth, you bastard’ etc.) to our little group that had sat quite happily in the garden talking until her arrival.

Now, in a situation where a dull person is seeking attention, I usually keep quiet and observe in the background, until they fuck off. I tend not to show any support (such as spurning the person on by engaging with them, laughing in approval, or smiling/nodding or any other body language). Attention seekers hate that kind of thing. They are desperate for approval as well as disapproval – anything that helps affirm their sorry existence.

The aggressive, threatening verbal attack the common person subjected me to occurred after she asked me for the 5th time what my name was/if I was Polish/worked in a caff (lmfao especially at the last one, ‘Do you work in a caff?’ – I think it was intended as an insult, i.e. the ‘Polish immigrant taking away our jobs blah blah blah, working in a caff low wage taking away our houses/our benefits’, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, many common people seem to have this view).

Anyway, when she asked me these stupid questions for the 5th time, I, after previously always responding in a polite, albeit frosty, manner, said:

“You’ve asked me that 4 times already.”

The person then started shouting at me and verbally abusing me, towering above me in an aggressive, threatening manner (I was sitting on a bench) for about 2-3 minutes while staring down at me in drunk stupor and hatred. I listened to her tirades, looking at her with a blank, motionless face (I hadn’t had a drink – I don’t drink – so I felt 100% rational and alert). I felt pity but didn’t want to say anything – I just didn’t want to engage (her attack was just another attempt at attention seeking – I hadn’t given her any until then and wasn’t going to start now, however desperate or aggressive her behaviour).

The situation was then dissolved by both my BF who asked her to stop, and another party-goer who took her to one side, calmly explaining that her behaviour was unacceptable. So that was that. She then came to ‘kiss and make up’ WTF, and I gave her my best false smile, with a glint of despise in my eyes).

So there. Common people, especially women for some reason, like attacking lenina. I don’t know why. The last time it happened the scenario was similar – a drunk woman, desperately seeking male attention/approval, singing and dancing and generally making a fool of herself. Lenina (alpha-female) quietly sitting there observing, not engaging. That woman not only flirted with all the men (offering herself on a plate, getting her tits out etc.) but also started touching up lenina’s BF, at which point lenina intervened. Naturally.

On a final note, these attacks have all happened in London, and within the last few months. I wonder if I should take up some form of self-defense – not to physically defend myself, but maybe to learn some restraining techniques just to calm this kind of person down.