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We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

It’s my 35th birthday today and I was going to write a post about how far ‘we’ have come. Instead I’ll embed a YouTube – video that has me in it.

I’m off out now to celebrate with a few drinkies with my sweet, sexy boyfriend, and we’ll go and see D&J and the baby afterwards 🙂

J’s 22nd Birthday

Today was our chav friend’s 22nd birthday. We took him to the local Wetherspoon’s and bought him a ‘burger and a beer’ for £3.49. Then we went to his local where we met with various other people and lenina even knocked down a few half pints of Strongbow!

Other than that, a lot of interesting things have been happening in the background. I registered a new domain today, and a couple of wordpress-blogs. I want to start blogging ‘professionally’, by that I don’t mean I’ll get paid for it, but, it’ll be more a showcase for my expertise and areas of interest. The URL is one that I will put into my LinkedIn – profile and my email signature.

After all, I can’t use lenina for that 😐

The foreseable problem/challenge is of course that I hardly have time atm to post every day on here. How on EARTH I’m going to fit in another regular blog, that also has to be kinda professional/’sophisticated’, I do not know. Though on the other blog I won’t be posting daily – maybe 2-3 times a week 🙂