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Trick or Treat?

For the first time EVER, I’ve bought some sweeties for kids coming to my door for trick-or-treating. Despite having lived in the UK continuously for 8 years, I’ve never ever done anything. Most years I simply didn’t open the door (hehe), not because I didn’t want to give kids treats, but because I had completely forgotten about it.

Last year Halloween I think I was in London, and the year before I remember being in my flat in Edinburgh and opening the door – to find various dressed-up kids asking ‘Trick or Treat?’ (and I was WTF?? I think I gave them a couple of pounds).

This year as I’ve said though, I am prepared. I went to Sainsbury’s earlier to buy various sweets and chocolates – see pic. There are so many kids living around here these days – next door neighbours alone have 3! – that I can’t just NOT open the door any more 😛

I just hope they do come to my door now, after all these years of my ignoring their trick-or-treating. Otherwise I’ll be stuck with the sweets and chocolates, and will have to feed them to my sweet new BF 🙂

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