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My driving licence is clean again

Over 4 years ago (!), in Oct. 2007, I acquired 5 points on my German driving licence for speeding into Scotland at approx. 80mph (hehehe). Yes, I have been blogging that long, albeit with quite significant gaps over the last 2 years. I wrote about getting points on a foreign licence in the UK at the time.

The front side of a German-issue European driv...
German driving licence

Anyhow. Since more than 4 years have passed, the 5 points have now disappeared and I can drive again the way I want and can disregard nonsense such as the 70mph speed limit on motorways.

Happy days 😀

OMG I’m back

WOW, I’m back in Edinburgh in my gorgeous flat. It’s very cool to be back – this is definitely a ‘home’.

Driving up on the motorway, I pulled into a service station in Durham for a laugh, on the off chance that elberry might be there, sipping a coffee or doing a night shift at Burger King.

I’ve got a lot of things to do these next few weeks, not least, potentially finding another lodger. This of course bugs and pains me a bit, like everything related to leaving here and going back to London. I’m sure that, once I’ve stayed here for a bit, I’ll see things much clearer though – and I’ll have a proper plan for 2008.