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Germans Attack UK

Apparently, ‘the Germans’ think that ‘Gord’ is a total failure, according to The Sun.

In their article, The Sun use a war-like rhetoric. I suppose it’s a fair point, seeing that that’s the preferred ‘hook’ by the English common people to assess any England/German relationship or interaction:

Rival German politicians ganged up to attack the Prime Minister’s economic rescue plan.The opening shot came from finance minister Peer Steinbruck.

Mr Brown tried to shrug off the remarks as “internal German politics” — and was immediately hit with a second salvo by Steinbruck’s opposite number.

Ah well. I’m not going to link to the article but it continues along the same lines. The funny thing is that apparently this criticism by the Germans is ‘breaking with diplomatic convention’ – eh, hello? Us Germans tend to say it like it is, in case you hadn’t noticed. Direct to the point of being rude, as I’ve said elsewhere. And it’s NO BAD THING! Certainly better than blagging and lying and making it up as one goes along 😛

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Strong Euro –> Potentially rich lenina

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Since the £ has now fallen to under £1.14 against the Euro, I’m seriously considering selling the Italy house next year. The problem of course is that it would mean (potentially) some more investment right now, to get it looking good from the inside (it’s had the roof repaired a couple of months ago where I already lost ££ due to the weak exchange rate).

If I sold it now for, say, €110,000 (which is roughly what I think I could get), and transferred that money to my UK account, I’d have made £96,500!!

Whereas if the rate was still £1 = €1.50, I would only have made £73,300.

I mean it’s still nice to have the house and so on, but I’m very tempted at the moment to at least try and sell it via an agency. Even if it doesn’t fetch the anticipated €110,00 – given the strong Euro, I can’t make a loss either way 🙂 . And it would be nice to have a decent chunk of money in the bank (naturally it wouldn’t be the entire amount – but whatever was left once the mortgage was paid off).

I’ll definitely park that thought and maybe place the keys with an agency in February or so 🙂

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