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How to get my Chrystal Xbox back

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My limited edition Chrystal Xbox is still at my mate (geezer) J’s mom’s house. What happened was that ages ago, I took the Xbox down to London together with a few games (most of them belonged to my Ex. I only ever bought Fable and never completed it).

I then lent it to my mate J. who lived across the road, because he didn’t have a console and was skint, and I’d just gotten my PS3. He kept it for a few months and put it to good use, playing all the games etc.  and it was all good. He then saved some money and bought himself a 360 which means he no longer needed the Xbox. By that time, I’d already moved back to Edinburgh and eventually split up with  my ex BF.

The problem is that my Xbox is still down there, together with Fable, and I do not know when / how I will get it back. I had half-heartedly planned to go down to London in my Xmas break, see J. and his mum (whom I’ve always got on well with) and pick up the Xbox at the same time;  however this ain’t going to happen now as the train tickets were too expensive. I then asked his mum if she could post it up to me if I paid the postage but she hasn’t got back to me. I thought I’m not going to see it again.


Today I had a GENIUS idea. I’m currently paying the ex back £2500 that he contributed towards the Italy house (all a bit of a contentious issue from both sides.. not going into it) in monthly rates of £500. What I think I could do is ask him to post it up or alternatively, I could suggest that he keeps the Chrystal Xbox and Fable and I take off £100 of the last installment (which is due in February I think).

Before anyone thinks that’s not fair as it’s kinda ‘blackmail’: I think it’s only a decent thing for him to post it up and I believe in fact that he should have offered it in the first place, rather than not really bothering and saying ‘it’s at V’s (J’s mum) for you to pick up’. It’s a limited edition and after all, him and J. borrowed it for ages. I don’t see why it should now be up to me to travel to London for ££££ only to pick it up! Of course, I’d offer to pay postage, the box, wrapping, etc. – all he’d need to do is go to the post office which is a 5-mins-walk.

So, what I’m going to do after the next installment has been paid is stop the standing order and ask him if he could kindly post the Xbox up, together with Fable, in the original box and with ALL the accessories etc. Once it’s arrived here and I have assessed that it’s in full working order and not damaged, I will pay him the rest of the money plus the postage 😀

If he refuses to do it or can’t be bothered, he’ll just get £400 instead of £500 and he can sell the Xbox in a few years’ time when, being a limited edition, it’ll be worth at least the £100.

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