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Scotland on Facebook

Today I did a search for Scotland on Facebook. I.e. a Facebook search, not a Google search. Some of the page names are so funny I wanted to share them (if you live in bonny Scotland, you’ll understand…). I do wonder if the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland are similarly in tune with their nation.

Examples of Scotland pages on Facebook

More examples of Scotland Pages on Facebook

iPhone or mobile with Android?

Apple iPhone 3

Image by tychay via Flickr

Google’s Android software for mobile phones has been revealed. This comes at the right time as I’m currently considering buying the new iPhone, for various reasons. Regarding the iPhone, naturally this has been out for ages now (over a year?), but I’ve never been tempted, *despite* being a lady with a soft spot for gadgets.

I never get ‘the latest’ gadgets when they first come out, just like I never download ‘the latest’ Firefox or whatever the second it’s released (still haven’t tried out Chrome for that matter). It’s as if I need to get used to the idea first, or maybe I want to wait till the hype has dropped off a bit so that there’s a more realistic view of said gadget (the new iPhone for instance – apparently Apple had to recall faulty chargers tut tut).

Any decisions about phones will be postponed till after my holiday. I’m going next week Wednesday btw, though the journey starts on Tuesday night (overnight sleeper train EDI-LDN). When I get back, I’ll have made up my mind. It depends on some factors that I’m not going to talk about here 😛

So this blog post was all about the iPhone and not about Android at all – but that’s because realistically, the iPhone (the 16GB one) is the one I’ll go for – as it can simultaneously replace my old iPod mini 🙂

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Google Browser ‘Chrome’

eh, last night I read that Google will be launching their own browser called Chrome, in Beta at first. I don’t really need to write about it much as this kind of news is picked up by everyone and anyone.

Google. Not sure where we’re going right now. Of the Google Universe of apps, I really still don’t use that many to be honest. I’ve dabbled in a few, including Lively, orkut, gtalk, Picasa, docs, etc. and I’m always keen to try their new stuff such as the recently launched Knol search engine.

However. Nothing really sticks and I only really use gmail and iGoogle (with whatever mini apps I might want to add) on an everyday basis. I’m not sure about ‘Chrome’.

The only other app I’d need right now is some kind of online diary or calendar, to arrange with my friends when we’re all available to meet up. I know there’s Google calendar, and there’s also windows calendar of my hotmail account (pish! pish! pish!!). There’s got to be a cool web app for a simple shared, co-edited diary where everyone can put in their shift patterns and availability e.g. at week-ends. Saves having to send texts.

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Google Maps Car Spotted in Edinburgh

The Google car, kitted out with cameras and ge...Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday I saw a real life Google Maps car with a camera on its roof in Restalrig Road, Edinburgh, at around 1.45PM. I was driving, so I couldn’t take a picture, but scouring the net I came across some pics of what it looks like (see on the right. There’s also some photos of a Google maps car being busted on Flickr  😛 ).

These cars film locations around the world for Google Street View, the idea being that users can ‘view parts of selected cities … at ground level’ (according to Wikipedia). It’ll be interesting to see if the camera on top of this Google Maps car was switched on – if yes, my car might be on it! though I’m not sure as to the value of Restalrig Road – but it was driving towards Leith Links so definitely some pretty views there.

Incidentally, I wonder what it takes to be a ‘google maps’ driver, and how these people got their jobs. Probably some students. I would be great at it – I know Edinburgh really well and I’m a good driver 😛

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