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lenina IS ill

lenina didn’t go to the professional secondment today (third day) as she was too ill. I literally felt weak from the minute I woke up, so I phoned them at about 8.30AM and said I was unable to come in.

I then went back to bed and slept until 2.30PM (!). Undoubtedly I’ll have problems getting to sleep tonight.

I don’t think I’ll be fit enough to go to work tomorrow. Still, I will set my alarm etc. and if I don’t feel up to it, I’ll send them an email. The strange thing is that I’m never normally ill, but the combination of being out of my habitat, combined with work stress and the fact that I’m not eating properly at the moment, has made me weak.

Re: the food, I really need to sort something out. I just can’t be bothered to cook properly at the moment, so I’ll scrape something together or just have a sandwich, or don’t eat at all. It’s just so tedious, cooking. Buying food even. And I don’t even like ready meals either 😐

Anyway, if I don’t go in tomorrow, it’s the week-end for me – no bad thing 🙂 . And I can’t wait for my holiday in a couple of weeks’ time 😛

Oh yeah, and there’s one other good thing. Very good thing. You who know will know what it is 🙂

lenina is feeling slightly ill

Some bug seems to be going around. I’ve been feeling a bit weak today, with the shakes (~ Schuettelfrost). Tomorrow is my last day at this work placement so really I *should* be going. The cold is getting me. I feel cold in my flat now even though it’s only the middle of September 😐

What doesn’t help is that I’ve been commuting by bus to this work placement, i.e. waiting by the bus stop in the rain and really getting chilly (instead of: jumping into the car at 8.50AM, to arrive at work for 9AM).

All the other people on the bus must be carrying plenty of bacteria around with them, and my poor immune system just isn’t used to it 😐

Anyhow, I’ll go to bed now. I do want to work tomorrow 🙂

Blue Monday – and my Colleague is ill

Yes, today is blue Monday. Apparently the 21st January is the ‘most depressing day of the year’, and more people pull sickies on this day than on any other day, and/or reconsider their current role.

I’m not a very compassionate person, so, while I appreciate that it’s not my colleague’s fault that he is ill, I was a bit annoyed as the shit is really hitting the fan these next couple of weeks. My boss is away for a family commitment (death) and we really need to work together and all work very hard, because we’ve got a lot on.

For instance, I worked until 2AM on Sunday (yes, a weekend day, i.e. my day off), and until 11PM today (Monday). It’s going to really push me to the edge, but I know that people rely on me while my boss is away as I’m sort of the next person.

I know it’s mental, and it will undoubtedly exhaust me, but it’s only temporary and I feel responsible for my work, and won’t let anyone down.