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No TV Repair People Here Yet

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The TV repair people (well, the one specialist) was meant to turn up here between 6PM and 8PM – I had made it quite clear to the lad that came round on Tuesday that I wanted to go out tonight! It’s 20:28 hours just now and this ‘specialist’ still hasn’t turned up. My BF is on his way here however and, if by the time he gets here, the TV person still ain’t here I’m just going to grab B. and go out.

This leaves the question of what to do of course. I need a TV to connect my PS3 to, as I do want to take it back online and waiting to play a few new games. I suppose I could buy a new one – but I’m finding it hard to just go for a cheapy brand and would probably ‘fall for’ a Sony and as big as I can afford šŸ˜

Or maybe I should get something that is more portable and that I may be able to put on the wall etc. – then at least I could carry it around relatively easily. I do think it will have to be a Sony though. Maybe I should get a TV with an iPod dock – that would kill two birds with one stone! I am very tempted indeed – the only problem being that I shouldn’t really be spending any money on anything like that right now as I’m right now paying back my ex BF some money that he put towards the Italy house.

Hm… decisions decisions…

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More Thoughts on a New Mobile/Tariff

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Yesterday, I talked a bit more about my thoughts on getting a new mobile. I got a bit of grief from the Boy (well, not grief, but half decent reasoning) for wanting to get an iPhone as it is kinda overhyped and expensive. Fair enough, and some good points were made.

For starters, I don’t really need the iPhone as iPod. I’d rather get a new iPod at some point in the future (though my iPod mini is still fine!). I hate all-singing, all-dancing devices that do everything, and I would not want to use my phoen as mp3, camera, or anything like that. But I do need some kind of smartphone. If ever I get a new phone, it needs to be wifi-enabled, and let me check my email, do tweets, and a bit of surfing if I need to find out anything (e.g. Lothian buses bustracker and other useful things).

What I don’t need is for it to be compatible with any Microsoft products including Outlook etc. – my mobile is a leisure device and not of the sort that I need to use as a ‘mobile office’. On my N95 I only check my gmail for instance and not my work email!

In fact, my current phone is pretty decent. The problem is it’s pay as you go, and it’s with Orange, and I think I would like to be able to phone and text people more without worrying about the money :pĀ  – even the Wifi on my phone serves me well enough. Certain pubs etc. have free Wifi anyway, so I can always send tweets from there. Realistically, I won’t need to have access to free Wifi all the time.

Finally, it might be too hasty to get an iPhone now that the ‘Googlephone’ with Android is out. It would be lovely to have a next-gen smartphone wtih Android. At least it won’t lock you in to proprietary software. So I might just go for a short-term contract (I think there are now contracts where you’re not locked in to 12 bloody months!) and wait till early next year, and then go for a decent Android-powered device šŸ™‚

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Italy Day 03: Computer Stuff :|

Last night, I set up ICS so my BF could get his Mac onto the (sl0000w) Internet here (ISDN). The great thing is that my own password-protected PC has to be started up for him to be able to get online. Thus, this morning we used the Internet first thing (before we went to the market), and when we got back from the market he wanted to go back online, but I said no.

Not out of maliciousness, but I simply REALLY disagree with going somewhere (i.e. on holiday, in the glorious Italian ‘away from it all’ countryside) and then sitting indoors at the computer, doing stuff on the Internet. What’s the point?

We weren’t able to get away from computers for good though. This afternoon, we tried installing various stuff onto our neighbours’ PCs (iTunes, Sims, etc.) and it was all more or less unsuccessful (due to reasons outwith our control). We’ll have to go back tomorrow morning šŸ˜

I still haven’t checked my wrkmail though! Staying strong… in fact the longer I’m here, the less I think about wrk, which is good. All back to normal next week anyway.