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Italy Holiday Day 14: Stansted Airport (Reprise)

Again I’m sitting in Stansted airport, to be precise, in the departure lounge for my flight to Edinburgh. Will probably have to board soon so I’ll keep this short!

I did buy a lighter for the new BF in the end (found a very pretty, medum-range Ronson one) but have already fucked it up by putting the wrong stuff in 😐 . When I tried it in the shop it worked fine. Only when I took it out this morning, it didn’t work straight away. I had some Zippo lighter fluid in the house so tried putting that in a few times and it still didn’t work. Then my neighbour came round and told me it was a bloody BUTANE lighter! She took it back to her house and tried putting some Butane in, but still no luck.

I fear that I have broken it by putting in the wrong stuff. The spark is still there, but it won’t light at all. CRAP 😦 😦 😦 . It’s such a pretty lighter and very nice cute prezzie. I’ll google and try to figure out if there’s a way of saving it – there might even be some tobacco/cigarette/smoking specialist shops in Edinburgh I can take it to so they can fix it. Surely there’s a way of getting rid of that wrong liquid or clear it all out, then start again from scratch 😐

Ah well. Comes with being a non-smoker. I really don’t know enough about smoking/lighters/and such.