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Maximo Park gig tonight (and the start of my hols)

Tonight is the Maximo Park gig – yay! Plus I’ve got the rest of the week off (not today though – today I’m giving a presentation 😐 ). I really want to be out and about while I’m off, and not just stay indoors as that won’t be much of a holiday (with familiar surroundings, no new stimuli, etc.).

It could be something simple like driving my car around, then staying somewhere random for the night. I don’t want to spend loads of money but I do want to get away from Edinburgh. It’s heaving with festival people, and is a bit of a no-go area right now if you want peace and quiet. Though I have discovered a very peaceful and quiet spot in Edinburgh recently. It’s by the sea – not the pretty, sandy beach (Portobello) but a bit further up where it’s ugly and no one would go there to spend a day.

Well I wouldn’t spend a whole day there either – but it’s a nice spot out of the way, and you can sit on a wall and watch the sea for a few hours, with no one bothering you 🙂

Going to See a Show Tonight

Tonight after work I’m going up to the Assembly Rooms @ George Street, to see a comedy show (Jeff Green – Life Ache). I’m not a big fan of stand up – they tend to make me giggle occasionally but not laugh (what does make me laugh is for instance the recent story about Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii, as told by my preggers friend J.).

However, it’s more of a ‘networking’ thing. I’ve been invited there along with some work colleagues by a business partner, so it’s just all really about being sociable with them and maybe going for a drink with them afterwards.

Next Monday on the other hand is the Maximo Park gig. Yay! And I’ve learnt since that The Young Knives are supporting, which ain’t bad as their new album Superabundance isn’t half bad!

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Wee Break in August

Maxïmo ParkImage via Wikipedia

I’ve been considering going for a wee break somewhere in August. I thought of going to Austria, to the BarCamp Traunsee to be precise, and to pay my friend anaj a visit at the same time. I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna! I’d even planned how to get there – fly with easyJet to Munich, and then get a train (ICE) down into Austria.

However I don’t think I’m going to do it now, for a number of reasons. Most importantly, the time I had planned to go, the Edinburgh festivals are in full swing. I’ve got tickets to see Maximo Park at the Corn Exchange on, I think, Aug. 18th, and to be honest I like being here during the festival. The other point is that August is probably not the best time to see Vienna – it’ll be quite expensive, and I’m planning to go for a longer holiday (to Italy) at the end of Sept. anyway.

What I’ll probably do is still take a few days off in August – maybe just 4 days (e.g. Aug 19-22nd), and spend the money saved on seeing some decent shows at the festivals. I might even go into the Highlands for a night, or to Glasgow, or both (e.g. one day Glasgow, one day Highlands), staying in some B&Bs and getting some peace and quiet. The other thing to bear in mind is that I need to put some money aside for these bloody alloy wheels. I put this fucking ebay sniper tool on the case to snipe in 3 seconds before the end of the auction – but when I got back home, I noticed it hadn’t worked. The fucker hadn’t even put a bid in for me! Annoying, especially seeing that the alloys went for just over £20, which would have been great value 😐

So – Austria is for next year, maybe in Spring. This August I’m either going to go to Edinburgh (ha! sad! I cannae get away!), or catch a flight over to Germany to see my mates in Cologne (though again the flights will be sucky and expensive at this time of year 😐 )

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The Futureheads: This is Not the World

The Futureheads, Rocket, Milan

Image by ratatuiadotnet via Flickr

The Futureheads’ new album, This is Not The World, is really quite good. It’s been on my iPod for the last week or so and I’m really happy to have found yet another British album that I actually really like. The great thing about bands like The Futureheads and Maximo Park for instance is that they are very similar, but more commercial/accessible than bands I used to listen to. Some tracks on TINTW sound like Peter and The Test Tube Babies (in their Mating Sounds of South American Frogs – phase), while others sound like high-end emo/melody core.

While most British ‘indie/postpunk’ that is now in the charts I don’t really like, it’s the melodic, slightly edgy/arty stuff that really gets my juices flowing. I’ve even checked The Futureheads’ touring schedule and have noticed that they play Rheinkultur – a free music festival in the Bonn Rheinaue that I used to go to AGES ago!

So, if you’re in Germany, and in the Bonn area on the 5th July 08, by all means go along and check them out 😛

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Maximo Park @ The Fringe 18th August

A Certain Trigger album cover

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Maximo Park are playing on the fringe in August! Great news. It’s what used to be called T on the Fringe (we saw Muse there two years ago and Pixies in 2005). It’s now called The Edge music festival.

At the moment, tickets are still available, but I’ll think they’ll sell out really quickly! So I’ll have to decide whether or not I want to go. I’d love to actually. It would have been even cooler though if Jamie T. had played (he was meant to play at T on the Fringe..) and me and (by then quite preggers) J. would have gone.

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