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Wall Street Protest Video

I’ve been looking for a Wall Street Protest video – who even knows that there’s a protest going on on Wall Street at the moment? The media don’t seem to be very interested. The BBC only has one article tucked away somewhere, with just a harmless-looking photo.

A video of the wall street protest below.

Grooverider Released from Prison

GrooveriderImage via Wikipedia

Read in The Guardian at the week-end that Radio 1 DJ Grooverider has been released from prison after serving 10 months, after being pardoned by the Dubai Royal Family.

I blogged about Grooverider being jailed for cannabis possession in February – he had been jailed for 4 years for possessing fuck all (just over 2grams). The injustice of it! I’m pleased he’s back home. Probably having a big fat ****** as we speak 😛

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Google Browser ‘Chrome’

eh, last night I read that Google will be launching their own browser called Chrome, in Beta at first. I don’t really need to write about it much as this kind of news is picked up by everyone and anyone.

Google. Not sure where we’re going right now. Of the Google Universe of apps, I really still don’t use that many to be honest. I’ve dabbled in a few, including Lively, orkut, gtalk, Picasa, docs, etc. and I’m always keen to try their new stuff such as the recently launched Knol search engine.

However. Nothing really sticks and I only really use gmail and iGoogle (with whatever mini apps I might want to add) on an everyday basis. I’m not sure about ‘Chrome’.

The only other app I’d need right now is some kind of online diary or calendar, to arrange with my friends when we’re all available to meet up. I know there’s Google calendar, and there’s also windows calendar of my hotmail account (pish! pish! pish!!). There’s got to be a cool web app for a simple shared, co-edited diary where everyone can put in their shift patterns and availability e.g. at week-ends. Saves having to send texts.

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Stabbing in Hackney

The BBC reports that a boy aged 14 (!) was stabbed in Hackney last night just before midnight, and died this morning in hospital.

It happened in St Thomas’s Place, which is basically the side street next to Lidl, about 10-15 minutes’ walk from where I used to live. And someone asked me the other day if Edinburgh had (in my opinion) a lot of undesirables, i.e. drunks on the street, crime, etc.!

No! I said. It feels like heaven (just like heaven). I didn’t say that, but it does feel peaceful and quiet and the junkies I used to see in Fountainbridge were harmless enough. In Hackney, I would not have stepped out the door after a certain time. Definitely not on my own. There was one time when we went deep into a high-rise rough-as-fuck- estate to see a man about a dog, and while I was waiting in the car a group of youths gathered nearby (I think the estate was somewhere near Kingsland Road, near the Hackney Community College). I wasnae happy.

Cannae beat the experience of that. Hackney = the future, the apocalypse if you want to see it now. Just go there and walk around. At night. At the week-end.

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I ain’t watching the Olympics BTW

nor Big Brother. I’m out of the loop with what’s currently happening and it’s not bad. From my BBC News feeds, I stay informed roughly as to what’s going on in the world (conflict in Russia/Georgia; Paula Radcliffe didn’t win Marathon, Madrid plane crash, Bigfoot remains discovered, etc.) but it doesn’t really register in any depth.

It’s similar to when I didn’t have a TV back in Cologne, for the best part of 5 years. What happened then (since there weren’t feeds at the time, and I used the Internet differently) was that I didn’t watch TV, but I stayed in touch with the ‘headlines’ as it were by seeing the front page of Cologne’s tabloids which were being sold on the underground stations via a vending machine (see pic at bottom).

That is quite a good state to be. You still get what’s going on, but it only registers on the periphery. You know what people talk about when they do, but it doesn’t pollute your mind (because that’s what TV does. Taking up precious time of your brain that should be spent elsewhere).

The Bigfoot/Yeti thing BTW was disproved, naturally. It wasn’t a yeti but a monkey suit. Of course my mate J. was fully convinced it was true, since his ‘bible’ (The Sun) had told him so.