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Update: Speeding into Scotland = 200 Quid

I phoned them (them = somewhere in the Scottish Borders) the other day and my 5 points are simply going to stay on record with the DVLA. They aren’t going to go onto my German license or anything like that.

Instead, I now have a ‘record’ with the DVLA, even though I don’t have (and won’t ever have) a British license. Obviously if I ever get up to 12 points, I’ll still be banned from driving in Britain.

Overall, though, it’s a rather satisfying outcome. I have points, but not on my license, and teh points are only there for 3 years. Seeing that I’ve never had any points or indeed any driving-related incidents before, I can quite happily live with that.

Speeding into Scotland = 200 Quid

Quite some time ago, I mentioned as a side note that I was flashed by speeding cameras when racing into Scotland (this was in July).

Today I received the letter in the post containing my fine. It’s 200 quid. That’s fine by me – I made my bed so I have to lie in it.

The slightly confusing part of it is whether or not I’ll be getting any points on my German license. The letter states:

The Court ordered that any future DVLA Driving License obtained by you will be endorsed with 5 penalty points.

Hm.. I don’t quite understand. I had to send in my German license (which they still haven’t sent back to me! In Germany, THAT would be illegal. You are by law required to always have your license on you when driving). So, does this mean that:

  1. they will be returning my GE license without any points, but if I ever apply for a British license the points will be added to it?
  2. they will be exchanging my GE license for a British one, and add the points, then send a British license to me (I doubt they are allowed to do that)?
  3. they will be returning my GE license with points on them?
  4. I will get points in Germany on my license, but this doesn’t apply in Britain?

I think I’ll have to phone them tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent in my license in the first place. Just ignored th3 l4w and moved away 😛