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Ryanair now flies from Edinburgh to Rome

Great news which was announced yesterday: Ryanair are now flying to Rome from Edinburgh (starting in March I think).

This means that, whenever I have to go to Italy to see to the house, I can go straight there in one flight rather than having to fly to Stansted first and then take a second flight.

It’s just in time too – I had planned some complicated holiday this year whereby I’d drive to Germany, then get a flight to Italy from there to sort out the house etc. and then take the car back. Now I’ll be able to keep those two holidays separate – i.e. drive to Germany by car with B. in the third week or so of May, and go to Italy by direct flight whenever (probably beginning of May. It might even be June, but by that time it’ll be too hot!)

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Ryanair to fly from Hahn to Edinburgh

Ryanair today announced that they are to have a new base in Edinburgh, with new routes to be added including Frankfurt (Hahn) – Edinburgh!

This is great news as it means that my mum and sister can come and visit me soon. The first (and only) time my mum visited, she landed in Prestwick.

There will also be some new Polish destinations – Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, and Wroclaw.

A user-generated comment on the Scotsman article reporting the story earlier today:

Well the flights to Poland will bring polish immigrants into Edinburgh to take Scots workers jobs and the Spanish flights will take Scots holidaymakers to Spain so less will spend their holidays in Edinburgh.

Shocking! But spot on. I have also done the evil, immigrant deed of taking a Scot worker’s job. So has my boss. And my friend. And his missus. And my colleague. And my PhD supervisor. And his colleague. And my friend’s friend. And an acquaintance of mine. And my friend’s ex-flatmate.