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No TV Repair People Here Yet

A 60GB version of the PlayStation 3.
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The TV repair people (well, the one specialist) was meant to turn up here between 6PM and 8PM – I had made it quite clear to the lad that came round on Tuesday that I wanted to go out tonight! It’s 20:28 hours just now and this ‘specialist’ still hasn’t turned up. My BF is on his way here however and, if by the time he gets here, the TV person still ain’t here I’m just going to grab B. and go out.

This leaves the question of what to do of course. I need a TV to connect my PS3 to, as I do want to take it back online and waiting to play a few new games. I suppose I could buy a new one – but I’m finding it hard to just go for a cheapy brand and would probably ‘fall for’ a Sony and as big as I can afford 😐

Or maybe I should get something that is more portable and that I may be able to put on the wall etc. – then at least I could carry it around relatively easily. I do think it will have to be a Sony though. Maybe I should get a TV with an iPod dock – that would kill two birds with one stone! I am very tempted indeed – the only problem being that I shouldn’t really be spending any money on anything like that right now as I’m right now paying back my ex BF some money that he put towards the Italy house.

Hm… decisions decisions…

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Italy Holiday Day 11: Shall I Buy a Prezzie for My New BF?

Lighter, photo taken in Japan.

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I’ve been with my new BF for coming up 7 weeks, and wondering if I should buy him a prezzie here in Italy to bring back. I have in mind a nice high-quality lighter (he smokes) that would ‘complement’ him and his style (he really looks after himself, and is very pretty indeed).

The reason why I’m not sure is that the lighters I’ve spotted so far are anything up to €60, and a halfway decent one will set me back by at least €40 (I’ve looked at cheaper ones but they are just plain nasty. I don’t give nasty gifts). Now, the actual money is not an issue for me as in: I do have the money to buy him whatever lighter I fucking want, and it wouldn’t leave me destitute. The issue is whether or not it’s ‘too early’ to buy him something of that value, especially as it’s not Xmas or his birthday or anything but just a ‘Mitbringsel‘ from my holiday!

I feel it might be ‘inappropriate’ at this stage to do it. The other thing is he’s a fair bit younger than me and won’t be able to ‘spoil me back’, and it would be odd or maybe put him into an odd position where he might feel economically inferior or something. I don’t know.

It’s not even that there is any great motive behind this prezzie. I just figured he needs a lighter and it would fit in nicely with his ‘style’, and then I looked at some and they were just a wee bit too expensive. Not for me, but for the fact that it might be odd and make him feel uncomfy, which is the last thing I want.

I might just leave it and get him one for Xmas instead. Or buy one anyway, but not give it to him till Xmas (they’re cheaper over here). I suppose that might be the best solution!

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Using an eBay Auction Sniper

I’ve got my eyes on a set of 4 Alloy wheels which I need for my new car (don’t ask 😐 ). The problem is that at the time the auction ends tomorrow, I’ll be in a strategic meeting at work. After googling ‘ebay sniper‘ for a bit (but only getting useless paid results at the top), I went to download.com to search for a tool (download.com is great for stuff like that!).

I’ve set the sniper to go in 3 seconds before the auction ends and put in a highest bid! It’s a little test really – I didn’t put too high an amount in and it’s no big deal if I don’t win (my car still drives after all).

Either way, I love trying out new tools and seeing how useful they are (or not). Also currently getting to grips with twirl. Quite cute too – I’ll see how we get on 🙂

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Bathroom Refresh

My bathroom, which looks like an 80s sauna (the previous tenant just put wood cladding on the walls and the ceiling, and dirty red carpet on the floor), is currently undergoing a revamp/refresh.

A combination of seeing my former boss’ white house, and the fact that a friend is coming to visit next week, gave me the focus needed to do something about my ‘sauna’.

I’ve been painting the lower half of the wood cladding white (finished at 1AM this morning…) and either some evening this week, or at the week-end, I’m going to buy a bath mat and a white bathroom shelf from IKEA (I tried Argos online first, but their stuff is mostly crap).

To finish off, I’ll put up a couple of white mirrors, and a huge Matthew Barney poster in a white frame. Now that’s scary 😛