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Italy Holiday Day 01: Stansted Airport

yes, I’m sitting and waiting in Stansted airport. Using some free BT OpenZone credit that I nearly forgot I had! This morning was fairly uneventful – I arrived in Euston on the sleeper train at roughly 7AM, then got the tube to Liverpool Street station to board a coach to Stansted.

Only annoyance was that when standing looking at a map @Liverpool Street stn, a fucking pigeon dropped a juicy yellow-green SHIT on me from the great heights above. I had to go to the toilets (and pay 30p for the privilege!) and try get the shit off which wasn’t all that easy. At least it hadn’t shat on my hair or face.

Last night I went to the Amanda Palmer gig. It was quite good, and the crowd was approximately lenina 10 years ago – all interesting looking folk, many alternative types but in a mostly good, interesting, pretty way (none of your baggy trousers/skaters/drunk punks or OTT gothic types). I left before the gig had finished as I got bored. Amanda’s music is great, but I’d rather listen to it from home so I can skip the songs I don’t like 😛

Also, the crowd was a little too admirational I thought, and at one point it was more like a cabaret/entertainment (? not sure) when all I wanted was to just listen to her music live, without any interaction and stories etc. So I guess I’m better off staying at home next time. Actually I don’t mind either way – I simply don’t have the same enthusiasm for live gigs any more. And I’ve been turning into a bit of a homebody hehe – that’s not too bad though. I just like having a cosy, nice home, and spending time there 🙂

Off to Italy Tomorrow

I’m flying to Italy tomorrow, for 10 days or so. Today was manic as I had to get the train to London, and this morning got all stressed, hoping I wouldn’t forget to pack anything important.

Plus, have still been finishing off stuff work work on the train down, but now. I’m finally.

On holiday!

Wifi Woes (sort it out National Express)

I have to scribble a bit of text offline and paste it into my blog later. I’m on the train to London, and roughly half an hour or so ago, the free wifi turned into ‘Whenever you want to surf any page other than http://www.nationalexpresswifi.train/, you will be redirected to http://www.nationalexpresswifi.train/ without fail. You will not get to the usual ‘login page’, where you enter your email addy, untick the ‘National Express will contact you with spam’.’

I’m a bit irritated by that. I could just investigate the problem. I’ve already restarted my computer (to no avail), and as a last resort could always use system restore. I’m too tired though, and it’s not really worth it. Only just under an hour to go anyway.

With the rest of my free time (i.e. non-Internet time) I’ll check and sort through my documents, getting rid of some old stuff, and so on. Though my eyes are closing. Really tired, but in a good way 🙂

/me closes eyes

Commuting in London

Today, I started commuting into London. By ‘commuting’ I mean: I used the chube to get to wrk.

Verdict: Nightmare! Are those millions of commuters all crazy? Or just masochistic?

Why would anyone want to walk through long corridors past loads of other hasty, weird, stressed people, before getting onto a crammed chube, standing for half an hour next to someone’s sweaty armpit, then walk through the rain in this grey, claustrophobic city, to sit in an office all day?

Why the FUCK?

I mean at least I really enjoy my job, but there must be thousands upon thousands who not only have to put up with the commute, but who also really HATE their job. Which basically means they feel SHIT for the great majority of their lives.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of DEATH.