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lenina on German TV

Yours truly, lenina crowne, will be interviewed for German TV (second main channel). I’ll need to put the word out to friends and family back in Germany as it will be great to have my mug on there, being broadcast to 3 million people (apparently that’s the number of people who watch the programme I’m being interviewed for).

A couple of points I need to clarify though:

  • Shall I give them my title (i.e. Dr.)? Because obviously there will be text overlayed whenever they first show myΒ  mug
  • Who (in Germany) will watch and record it straight to harddrive, cut out the lenina bit, and send it to me as a quicktime file? As I have planned to upload it to youtube (lol) if it’s good enough

Suggestions on the first point (use Dr. title or not) welcome. I think I do want to use it. It’s a one-off opportunity and I want any people who randomly spot me on the telly to see what I’ve got up to in the last 10 years or so ;P

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TV Tip: A History of Scotland

A new series started on BBC2 at the week-end, called ‘A History of Scotland‘. I missed the first episode (The Last of the Free) but it’s available on iPlayer, so I’ve downloaded it πŸ™‚

Have I mentioned yet that I love Scotland? That’s why I’m ecstatically happy that my BF is a Scot, with a fair bit of national pride πŸ™‚

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TV Repair Men Coming Next Tue

I found a shop in Edinburgh that repairs TVs, including rear-projection ones, and popped in last week-end. They do a free assessment (to see if it’s repairable) and will then give me a quote, so I can see if it’s worth it going along with it or not. I suppose I’d be quite happy to pay up to Β£200 max IF they are able to fix it relatively quickly and easily (without having to take it away). But definitely no more than that. Maybe even Β£200 is too much, givenΒ  how little it’s probably worth it (it’s a 42″ Toshiba rear-projection, bought around 5 years ago).

Either way it’s good to know one way or another. Naturally, if I did get it fixed, it would mean I have to get a TV license 😐  – and I’ve come to HATE TV so wouldn’t watch it anyway. Why am I thinking of getting it fixed, I hear you ask?

So that I can play LittleBigPlanet, which is meant to be amazing, and which B. I hope will buy me for Xmas πŸ˜€

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How to Relax

This is how I currently pass my days and which I’m finding very relaxing and pleasurable, albeit solitary (but I LIKE being by myself πŸ˜› )

7.30AM: Alarm goes off. Cuddle cat. Get up (approx 7.45AM). Drink 2 mugs of strong black coffee and 1 mug of white tea (Soy milk, not cow’s milk). Browse Internet.

8.30AM: ‘breakfast’ = one glass of orange juice and a sandwich while standing in the kitchen. Get ready for work.

8.50AM: drive to work

9.00AM: arrive at work

1.30PM: drive home for lunch

1.40PM-2.20PM: eat a sandwich at home and 1 mug of tea. Read on the bed with cat on my back

2.20PM: drive back to work – arrive 2.30PM

6PM: drive back home, feed cat

6.30PM-7.30PM: go for walk

7.30PM: cook/eat (sometimes I do that before going on my walk)

8PM-bedtime (1130PM-midnight-ish): internet, reading, selected iPlayer offerings (yesterday for instance I watched the first episode of Steven Fry in America and might watch episode 2 tonight πŸ™‚ ). Chilling with cat on me.

I currently don’t play any games and don’t watch any TV. The only visual moving image media that I let impose upon me are the internet (on my terms) and the very occasional iPlayer broadcast (on my terms). I think I’m in a phase right now where I don’t want anything intruding upon my mind, as I’m quite happy and don’t want anything to pollute the way I feel and think. Might only be a phase! But it’s clearly having the benefit of making it much easier to cope with work stress – I don’t know why and why it might be related.

Either way, it’s good!

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