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Bye for Now

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I’m going to go into hibernation for a bit regarding this blog, and start deleting some of my online traces where this is possible. The plan is to end up with one website dedicated to my PhD, where I will then also integrate my twitter eventually, as well as – maybe – a blog in the future. However this won’t be a daily one like I’ve attempted with this one.

The reality is that my life is pretty steady right now – I know where I’ll be living, working, and who I’ll be dating for the foreseeable future. I have no desire for change.

Hence, I will focus on the things in my offline life and enhance them, and make them better and better. There’s not much room right now for social media, or ‘web 2.0’ (apart from maybe twitter, but that’s micro and not intrusive upon my life!).

The other point is that I think the backlash against social media has begun (see for ex. Bobbie Johnson’s Why I’m finished with Social Media). Brought on partly by the credit crunch, but also the fact that companies will realise that they’re have to make money out of it somehow, then they’ll introduce some shite, and users will desert. I’m not a doom-monger, but I’ve always been kinda right in my vibe about the internet. I might just be starting a new trend here 🙂

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Changing Online Presence

Over the next few days, I’ll be scaling down my online output. I’m going to put the blog on hold and, once I’ve done that, will in the coming weeks/months be updating my ‘main’ website (the one hosting my PhD) to be a static, search engine optimised, half decent representation of my online identity (all in one place. Most other stuff will be gotten rid of).

I own my main website’s domain name, but all the files are hosted on webspace the ex owns – not ideal! So either way I’ll need to host it myself. It’ll just be a process to get back to a manageable online presence that I’m comfortable with. I may even keep my twitter and integrate it, and e.g. use the wordpress platform to publish my personal website and PhD (but not as a blog, i.e. not updated).

We’ll see. It’s good to keep moving with these kinds of things, and it’s not as if I completely want to erase everything. I just want to get back to a decent static representation of myself, with no additional effort required! And forget all the stuff about personal branding and the importance of online visibility – I see myself staying in my current job for years and years to come (it’s public sector so I don’t exactly need to be worried about losing my job…).

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Britney Spears’ Online Media Manager

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This strikes me as a great idea – and no doubt other ‘celebs’ already have a ‘personal online brand manager’.

Britney Spears (well… her ‘people’)  is looking for her own Brand/Social Media Manager. Apparently this was posted on the Harvard-only private job board (according to TechCrunch, link above).

You don’t have to be posh to be geeky. I’d say rather the opposite. There again, Facebook was founded by Mr. Zuckerberg while at Harvard, I believe.

Either way, I can’t think of anything duller than having to maintain Ms Spears’ various online identities. Yawn.

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Facebook ‘Backchat’ via Twitter

A while ago, I integrated my Twitter updates into my Facebook profile, purely so that *something* was happening on FB (as I don’t log on that much these days – maybe every other week if that). What’s started to happen now is that I get comments on my tweets via Facebook, when all I want is to broadcast stuff without getting any communication back!

I might therefore remove Twitter updates from my FB – though in the first instance, I’ve unticked ‘Friends may post to my Wall’ in my Settings.

Hopefully that will do the trick. I really don’t want to feel ‘watched’ when I twitter, if that makes any sense. Even though people might read it!

Deleting Facebook Profile

I think I’m going to delete my Facebook profile. In recent months, I haven’t been logging in much at all – and to be honest, I’ve never used it much in the first place.

I’m a bit of an antisocial person and that includes online and lately I’ve been getting too many people bothering me (hehehe… it’s not that many, but too many for me!!). For instance, come Xmas, you get virtual Xmas cards on Facebook (fuck off ppl!). Then I get invites to join various shitty support groups such as ‘I lost someone I love to cancer’ etc. and to be honest


The only ‘social network’ I’ll be staying on is wer-kennt-wen, as it’s non-demanding. Also I’ve linked my yahoo account to it which I never check, so I can pretty much ignore it most of the time 😉

For professional reasons, I shall stay with linkedin and with Xing. But that’s about it. And I quite like my twitter so I don’t mind keeping that up. But twitter (non-anonymous) and this blog (anonymous) is about as much as I’ll want to communicate online.

The deletion shall happen some time during my Xmas break. I shall disappear into thin ether 🙂

*no offence. It just isn’t me. Not your fault, pal.

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