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Mad Men Season on BBC 4

I got into this a bit late, though I knew it was on (it doesn’t help that on the BBC website this supposed ‘Mad Men’ season isn’t actually promoted on their website in a separate section, which is annoying if you want to find out more).

From what I gather, this ‘Mad Men’ – season consists of the series Madmen (about advertising in New York in the 60s) and is framed by various documentaries and programmes to do with Advertising. For instance, yesterday I watched a documentary about David Ogilvy, and there’s a tie-in series called The Hard Sell, of which I’ve missed most episodes but which explores Advertising in Britain.

I should have been a bit more on the ball and watched whatever I missed on the BBC iPlayer; alas, I’ve been either too busy or not bothered enough to do so. The other thing is that I currently only use my laptop as my desktop PC is not on the internet just now, and I try avoiding any multimedia stuff on my lappy.

I’m using this blog post BTW to try out Zemanta, which anaj blogged about the other day. So far, so good – the only couple of points of criticism right now are that:

  • You can’t seem to be able to choose which words the suggested links are applied to (the Wikipedia ‘Mad Men’ article was suggested; however, it automatically attached it to the words ‘Mad Men’ as in ‘Mad Men season’, rather than the TV show – one word ‘Madmen’). That is, when links are suggested, users should be able to highlight which word in the text they want to apply it to. Not sure if that’s already possible by configuring the settings, but I intenionally tried it out as a dumb user, i.e. without any background reading, so I get the most authentic ‘first user’ experience
  • No YouTube – clips are suggested thus far. Now that would really help, especially, as embedding YouTube into wordpress is still a bit of a pain in the arse; also, in the case of TV shows etc. you’d often want to embed a trailer and so forth, so this would indeed save a lot of time. Again, this may be possible, but as I said I’m just trying the default settings just now as a first-time user. Any configuration I can do later. As it is, this blog post will stay without a clip 😛

And that’s it!

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Web 2.0 Peaked in 2007

I’m going to say something controversial today. The goldrush of web 2.0 is over. 2007 was the year of Facebook, and of brands latching on to social media, desperate to get a slice of the action.

Now, everyone seems to have sobered up a bit. Facebook is seeing a decline in its users, while YouTube have announced the arrival of video ads.

Having worked in social media optimisation for the last year or so, I can see a change from ‘goldrush’ mentality – where clients let us get on with it, using our expertise of online spaces to devise the best strategy for their campaigns – to their asking more questions – how can you measure social media campaigns, how can you prove its impact, etc. etc. I.e. clients now want to see proof over and above the hype. They want to know what it is they’re actually getting, and, what we’re actually doing. This article has a few pointers on how to provide social media measurements.

Because of companies such as my last workplace, and the need for social media sites such as Facebook to actually make money (Social Ads…), brands now increasingly and aggressively enter the formerly ‘secluded’ social spaces and are trying to get a piece of you and me. That in itself will make it less attractive – I for one try to get away from ads, and wherever ads go, I leave (ironic really, as my last and new job will be in the same business of getting ‘my’ brands out there, and into your face).

Mark my words: 2008 will see not the end of the web 2.0 hype, but it will continue to slow down and move towards integration from overhyped, overbuzzed ‘anything can go’ to becoming more part of other media. Social media will turn from the new into the old. Brands will continue to move in and commercialise those online spaces, making them less attractive places to hangout in.

The next big thing must be just around the corner!

A HOT video of lenina 1991

A friend of mine yesterday gave me a link to a youtube – video I’m in. I used to work behind the bar in an indie club in Germany, and in 1991 for some reason two of the DJs made a video portray of said club.

Seeing that back then, I was one of the ‘Vorzeigepunks’ in the area, I guess they considered is essential I be featured in the video. All you have to do is just watch past the first minute and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell 😛

Shame it’s rather bad quality. I have the video somewhere myself btw, on VHS tape. Great to see it’s made it onto youtube. What next? lenina’s sex tape??

TV Tip: The Mighty Boosh

On tonight, 22:30, BBC3.

The Mighty Boosh is basically a comical, surreal, collage of pop-cultural references, postmodernism, and non-sense. Episode 1 of the new series (series 3) started last week, and it’s genius! Namedropping Shoreditch (where I work and where series 3 is set), it manages to be both progressive/subversive and very funny.

I.e. it works on many different levels, appealing to both intellectuals/trendy media types such as myself (  😛 ) but also to your average geezer and chav – maybe in the same way that The Simpsons manages to appeal to both adults and children.

Check out this excellent example of how they do it – the ‘Eels’ song from last week’s episode.  Genius.

“This is YouTube Material” – Update

The guy who pissed on a woman while she lay dying and shouted “This is YouTube material” while it was filmed with a camera phone has been jailed for 3 years:

He tried to rouse her by throwing a bucket of water over her, before urinating on her and covering her with shaving foam.

 A crowd had gathered around, watching and laughing, and the incident was filmed on a mobile phone.

via BBC news