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Scotland on Facebook

Today I did a search for Scotland on Facebook. I.e. a Facebook search, not a Google search. Some of the page names are so funny I wanted to share them (if you live in bonny Scotland, you’ll understand…). I do wonder if the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland are similarly in tune with their nation.

Examples of Scotland pages on Facebook

More examples of Scotland Pages on Facebook

My driving licence is clean again

Over 4 years ago (!), in Oct. 2007, I acquired 5 points on my German driving licence for speeding into Scotland at approx. 80mph (hehehe). Yes, I have been blogging that long, albeit with quite significant gaps over the last 2 years. I wrote about getting points on a foreign licence in the UK at the time.

The front side of a German-issue European driv...
German driving licence

Anyhow. Since more than 4 years have passed, the 5 points have now disappeared and I can drive again the way I want and can disregard nonsense such as the 70mph speed limit on motorways.

Happy days 😀

Travel as Stimulus

Today I’m going to the Scottish Highlands. As a writer-to-be, one of the meth0ds to “elicit or accelerate … a psychological activity or response” is to place myself within new landscapes and people – changing the surroundings to and backdrop of my trajectory.

This has worked well in the past: A first visit in Rome, 9 years ago, forced my weak self, at the time only infrequently anchored in reality, further into imagination.

Today, then, I’ll be taking my camera and my scrapbook. I won’t be talking to people (random people get in the way of thinking. They are but a backdrop) and instead just look out of the window, and walk, by myself, away.

ok. da bin ich also in rom. in: der endlosen stadt. hier findet die liebe statt. ich steige aus der strassenbahn. hier finden die spiele etc. statt. hier findet:
der papst statt.

Edinburgh Fringe Inspiration

The Fringe 2009 has now ended. This year, the BF and I went to see a fair amount of shows, in particular, those of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe. Here, performers pay nothing to the venues they use, but they also don’t charge the punters. It’s a win-win situation: The venue (often a pub) gets extra customers buying drinks due to ‘free entertainment’, while the performers get (hopefully) a larger, more enthusiastic audience.

But how do they get paid? The deal is that we, the audience, pay on our way out – in line with what we thought the show was worth. This keeps the performers on their toes, and allows (ideally) for a more authentic experience for everyone.

I’m mentioning the Fringe in my quest to reiterate my desire to become a writer. This blog’s function (hopefully) is to turn into some kind of scrap book, where I collect and note down all the things that will help keep the flame alive and put me onto the right path. Because, let’s face it, with a job that is sometimes ‘enjoyable’ and ‘rewarding’, I’ll be in danger of just forgetting all about it again. And waking up in 10 years’ time only to find that I haven’t contributed anything to the world.

The inspiration of the Fringe, then:

  1. There is a different life out there, and people are living it
  2. So can I

Going Back on the Pill – pt 2

I have an appointment with my GP this week to discuss whether or not I want to go back on the pill. I think I’ve blogged about this before. The only criteria I will be applying to decide whether or not I should try it are:

– will it make me fat? From what I remember, the Pill (some brands anyway) will make you put on weight. Though this may be untrue – but it’s definitely one aspect I want to ask

– will it  be free? I remember that when I lived in England 15 years ago (!), I got it free from the Family Planning Clinic. This may not be the case any more, or may  not be the case in Scotland.

Thus my decision will be made. I might just go on it for a few months so that I can have ‘unprotected sex’ to see what it feels like (with B. of course – not some random stranger), and then stop it again 😛

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