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End of Festival Fireworks Tonight

The Salisbury Crags, seen from Edinburgh Unive...Image via Wikipedia

I went to the end of festival fireworks tonight. Watched the whole lot of it (45 minutes), from one eighth up Salisbury Crags at the edge of Holyrood Park. It was a fucking nightmare getting up, but once there quite pleasant. Gorgeous view, though the fireworks when they did start were a fair bit in the distance 😐

So, that’s another summer over. Not been a too bad one either. A bit on the quiet side, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing 🙂

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Ross’ voice has broken; Edinburgh map

Just a couple of ‘news’ items from lenina’s Edinburgh life.

1. Today’s The Guardian had a free black&white Edinburgh map from an ordnance survey in 1857 (revised in 1901, with a later update of railways in 1914). Very brilliant and I’m going to get it framed and put it up in my flat (where does one get custom-made frames? Athena ? There’s one in Ocean Terminal so I’ll have a look next week. Better take the print’s measurements).

2. Ross (wee neighbour boy who’s now moved) knocked on the door today and asked me how to keep the hard drive of his old laptop (i.e. the contents accessible) for a new computer he’s bought. I told him to get a harddrive caddy. He literally just came to ask that and off he went (I’m still THE person to go to for any serious computer questions. Remember I used to fix his computer and cleanse it off millions of viruses etc. when he used to live in the house next door). Anyhow – his voice has now broken. It’s very funny when he talks and he also seemed to be very self-conscious when he spoke, as if fearing that I would make a reference to his voice 😛

Ross used to be a child – the pic in About 2.0 has him in it – wearing a white t-shirt and turning back to look at me. I was probably shouting at him at the time 🙂 . So kids grow up. I wonder what way he’ll go. He’s a bit of a bullshitter and always used to tell lies, but he is decent underneath.

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Watching Nekromantik Tonight

NekromantikImage via Wikipedia

Tonight I’ll be watching Joerg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik, which I first saw about 12 years ago. I really liked it at the time – there again, at the time I was fucked up 😛

Basically it’s a film about necrophilia, with some graphic scenes e.g. shagging a corpse. Back then, I went to a screening of Schramm (also by Buttgereit) , and Buttgereit himself was there for a Q&A (if I remember correctly, this was in the SCHULZ near Chlodwigplatz, but I may be wrong). There was an exhibition too with some of the props from the films, and I took a picture of my mate D. sitting next to a severed leg.

I wonder how the film has aged – or how I have aged. I guess from my response and like/dislike of the film I’ll be able to learn something about myself.

I think I’ll still like it 😛

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Der Sommer geht zu Ende

A porcelain teapot in Qingbai Style, from Jing...Image via Wikipedia

und lenina muss einen Post auf deutsch schreiben. Doch selbst auf deutsch kann sie nicht wirklich schreiben, was passiert ist, wie gehabt – diverse Subjekte, die ggf diesen Blog lesen, sollten erstmal nix verstehen.

Dann muss ich also nicht nur deutsch sondern auch kryptisch schreiben. Vielleicht sollte ich es ueberhaupt nicht schreiben. Ich habe eine [deleted] und zwar dem aehnlichen Muster von anaj nach, naja du weisst was ich meine, ich hatte dich vor ein paar Wochen per email etwas gefragt. Ist alles ziemlich [deleted] glaube ich, sonst wuerde ich ja gar nix sagen. Sehr komisch hehe und ich peile es gerade nicht, aber das Subjekt ist ein unglaubliches [deleted] zu meinem [deleted].

Und all das geschieht nur, weil lenina aktiv und produktiv ist, und nicht passiv am Leben leidet.

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Scotland is NOT England!

England and Wales (red), with the rest of the ...Image via Wikipedia

A wee rant about the semantic conception of ‘England’ in Germany. It happens quite frequently that Germans refer to Scotland as ‘England’. For many Germans, ‘England’ = ‘the island containing the countries England, Wales, and Scotland’, i.e. the UK minus Northern Ireland (or: Great Britain). ‘Ireland’, on the other hand, = ‘the island containing the countries the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland’.

My mum for instance to this day sometimes asks me,

So how are things in England?

And I say

Scotland, SCOTLAND!

Same with some friends who visited me in June. Today I came across the same thing at work and it made me mad (it always does). I was reading this piece of research and it had as one answer (in a list of countries) in a questionnaire:


The research was done by a German company and it had the guy’s contact details on the cover. So I phoned him straight away and asked that it be corrected in the future 😀

He defended his using it, stating that for Germans, England means ‘the island’, and that it didn’t matter since semantically, it’s the same thing for Germans. He also said he wasn’t sure whether or not he would change it, and that he would think about it.

The problem is that by using ‘England’ synonymously with ‘UK minus Northern Ireland’ he perpetuates the misunderstanding of our countries in Germany. Furthermore, anyone consulting this piece of ‘research’ who is *not* German (the research is in English and for an international market) will potentially misinterpret the data.

@ everyone in the world: Scotland is NOT England!

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