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How to Buy Alloy Wheels

18 inch alloy wheel of a 2007 Subaru Liberty 3...Image via Wikipedia

I have to buy ‘alloy wheels‘ for my new car, as the wheels and tyres the seller had put on basically don’t fit. The reason I’m putting ‘alloy wheels’ into quotes is that I absolutely have no knowledge of the discourse on cars, so when I first heard of alloy wheels I had no concept whatsoever of what they are (and I still don’t quite get it).

Background info: My car is a boy racer car – previous owner(s) had lowered it and put these alloy wheels on, which are a different size and offset etc. to regular wheels. Since alloy wheels can be quite expensive, they took them off before selling the car on and instead the garage put standard ‘cheap and nasty’ wheels on instead.

The problem with this is that these standard wheels don’t fit the car properly (in fact it’s quite dangerous to drive around like that – apparently the wheels could come off if I’m unlucky. The rattling noise I was talking about last week also was all related to the fact that the wheels don’t fit). So I either have to raise the car again and make it ‘normal’, so that its standard wheels will fit. Or, I have to buy these alloy wheels and then have them fitted.

It’s easier and cooler to just buy alloy wheels. It’ll turn my car into a proper-looking boy racer car which I quite like the idea of (it’s fun to drive!). Not that I want to have a chav mobile – but a cool-looking car that I like and get attached to is just what I need. I’ll look after it and it’ll be my little project. Plus it’s quite interesting to learn more about cars that way (I’m always open to learn new stuff, even if it doesn’t interest me that much).

/me adds ‘Honda Civic Alloy Wheels’ to watch list on ebay

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