Daily Archives: December 9, 2007

I am Tired but I Will Cope

I haven’t had the energy to post, as I seem to be spending every free minute on the computer right now. It’s annoying in my work at the moment – on the one hand, they ask me to do various ‘brainy’ stuff (short research reports etc.), on the other hand, I’m involved in a lot of daily mundane managerial tasks (using remote software to manage our freelancers).

Maybe ‘annoying’ isn’t the right word – it’s more tiring in that I have to do various and very varied, different tasks, that engage different parts of the brain. Throw a creative, but mostly chaotic office environment into the mix, and you have a great work environment that is however not always conductive to being fully productive, e.g. enabling me to complete tasks in a structured manner.

I think I’ve eased up a lot – I was far more inexperienced when I started. My main experience of work used to be a solitary one: me, myself, and I, with only one person to rely on, who would never disappoint me (= lenina).

I don’t know what work mode I prefer – working in an office certainly makes the time go by much faster, and is more socially stimulating. As for intellectual stimulation … nope. Sitting in the office doesn’t turn me on intellectually, and I don’t experience any of the highs that you sometimes get from reading or other creative pursuits.

It seems to boil down to what I talked about a while ago: I should push myself work-wise, getting as much fun and experience out of it as I can, until I hit 40. I can then retire in order to pursue all the other stuff (writing, making music, reading, etc.) that I’m currently missing out on big time.