Daily Archives: December 16, 2007

Why (Continental) Europeans don’t Like Facebook (Apparently)

Interesting article today (Observer Online) about Facebook trends compared across (some of) Europe:

I refuse to be peed on, poked, set on fire and hugged. I’m not interested in collecting ‘friends’ or creating my profile. ‘It’s your Continental side coming out,’ my British friends say, despairing of me.

It’s true. The obsession with Facebook, MySpace, Friends Reunited and other social networking sites is not exclusively British, but there is far less interest in them in France, Italy, Spain and even Germany. While the average adult Briton spends 5.3 hours a month on one of these sites, the average French person spends two hours, German, 3.1, and Italian 1.8.

While I don’t buy into the remaining argument of the article, that (Continental) Europeans prefer ‘faces’ to ‘Facebook’ ( 😐 ) , I do consider myself pretty atypical in that I really don’t spend much time on FB at all. Nor do I engage with any poking and other activities.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have any time to do so.

Maybe it’s because even in RL I’m not someone to mingle and chat pointlessly.